Néhány letölthető cikk/Selected downloadable papers

  1. Proof of a Conjecture of Bollobás and Eldridge for Graphs of Maximum Degree Three, with Ali Shokoufandeh and Endre Szemerédi PDF

  2. Approximability of Dense and Sparse Instances of Minimum 2-Connectivity, TSP and Path Problems, with Piotr Krysta and Marek Karpinski PDF

  3. On the Bollobás-Eldridge Conjecture for Bipartite Graphs PDF

  4. A Randomized On-line Algorithm for the K-server Problem on a Line, with Sachin Lodha PDF

  5. A Randomized Algorithm for the On-line Weighted Bipartite Matching Problem, with András Pluhár PDF

  6. On Embedding Well-separable Graphs PDF

  7. Regular Spanning Subgraphs of Bipartite Graphs of High Minimum Degree PDF

  8. Approximate Multipartite Version of the Hajnal-Szemerédi Theorem, with Marcelo Mydlarz PDF

  9. Optimal Random Matchings on Trees and Applications, with Jeff Abrahamson and Ali Shokoufandeh PDF

  10. Weighted Regularity Lemma with Applications, with András Pluhár PDF

  11. Large bounded degree trees in expanding graphs, with Jozsef Balogh , M. Pei and Wojciech Samotij PDF

  12. Local Resilience of Almost Spanning Trees in Random Graphs, with Jozsef Balogh and Wojciech Samotij PDF

  13. Optimal Random Matchings, Tours and Spanning Trees in Hierarchically Separated Trees, with Thomas A. Plick and Ali Shokoufandeh PDF

  14. Bundle decompositions of graphs with algorithmic applications PDF