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Hello, thank you for your interest. Currently you cannot find here much information about me in English, unfortunately. If you can speak Hungarian, try this page instead.

You can have a look on my bulletin board (experimental).


Since 1999 I work as an assistant teacher at the University of Szeged at the Mathematics Department in Analysis (Bolyai Institute). I give practical lectures in Elementary Analysis, Basic Algebra, Practical Mathematics and Number Theory for beginner s. I also regularly teach other lectures about Computers and Mathematics, Numeric and Computer Algebraic Methods in Analysis, Teaching Mathematics and Abstract Algebra for mathematics teacher students. My interest are fractals and free software in mathematics.

In addition, I teach mathematics and computer science in the Radnoti Miklos Experimental Grammar School. I maintain the Linux servers of the School. Have a look on pc10 which may contain several interesting stuff for you as well.

Until February 2003 I also worked for a company as a system designing leader. Designing a production information system, I was responsible for the Linux server parts, i.e. the PostgreSQL queries and web applications.

Professions and degrees

Computer Operator (1994), Diploma in Mathematics and Computer Science (1999). I wrote my thesis (gzipped postscript, Hungarian, 971 kilobytes) in Chaos Theory which was advised by Tibor Krisztin.

Current projects

Usually I work on some work related to my jobs. Please look at the following table about my current projects and their state. A short description of all projects can be seen below.

Project name     Version   State    Work in progress?   Last updated
PGGlean          0.4.2     stable   stalled             2001-05-21
vico             0.1       alpha    stalled             2000-10-11
fig-ISO88592-jpg 1.1       stable   stalled             2002-01-28
fileinrpms       0.1       stable   stalled             2001-04-19
Lógó nyelv       1.7.1     stable   stalled             2002-09-24
Lógó nyelv       2.0       alpha    stalled             2002-11-15
Maxirace         0.4       alpha    work in progress    2002-10-07
icrontab         1.4       alpha    stalled             2002-01-21
SC35-westel-SuSE 0.1       alpha    stalled             2002-02-19
Cayley table     0.1       alpha    stalled             2002-03-20
WMI              0.11      alpha    work in progress    2003-10-07
XaoS             3.1       stable   finished            2003-03-27
formconv         0.6       alpha    work in progress    2003-10-07

In 1999 I started PGGlean, a terminal based menu-driven query program for the PostgreSQL database system. I released a very first version of vico, a program for viewing images on Unix consoles. I also wrote a tool for gnuplot - with fig-ISO88592-jpg you can create function graphs which may contain ISO-8859-2 characters. You can also download a useful tool, fileinrpms, which can find an arbitrary file on a Red Hat Linux installation CD. You may also join to develop Lógó nyelv, a Logo interpreter written for children at the age of 8-14 under Linux/SVGAlib. Version 2.0 will be completely rewritten in C and the grammar parser also uses bison and yacc.

My earlier interests were developing Maxirace with my pupils and - mostly - writing small but useful applications like Intelligent Crontab, configuring SuSE Linux 7.3 with the accessibility of a Siemens C35 mobile phone or a short Pascal program which can prove isomorphisms between Rn and Rm.

Our new project with Róbert Vajda, WebMathematics Interactive is a new way of computer aided didactics. Its related project, formconv is under construction as well. XaoS, Jan Hubicka's and Thomas Marsh's project is also my favourite development which I'd like to enhance with full internationalization support and FFT-accelerated optimization.

All programs may be downloaded and used freely (see GNU General Public License for details).

Earlier works

All of the following articles can be read only in Hungarian. Sorry. My more important works are computer programs mostly written in Turbo Pascal (I have also experience in several other programming languages). You can find a partial list of them on the ETASP home page and - in mathematics - on my math page. I designed web pages also about chaos and free software helping teaching mathematics. I collected some interesting articles about computer science.


I believe in Jesus Christ, God's only son, who saved me from my sins. Being reborn as God's child, my aim is to follow Him as He wants.

I am a member of a free Christian church at Kopáncs, near Hódmezõvásárhely.


I married in 1999. Gerda, my wife is teaching German literature and linguistics and mathematics at Németh László Grammar School, Hódmezõvásárhely. You can find some photos about us and our friends and families in my photo album. If you are interested, you can also have a try on the web site of my brother, Zsigmond. My mother also has a beautiful home page. Or, you can have a look on our recent trip photos in America, taken in August 2003.


E-mail: kovzol at math dot u dash szeged dot hu. Telephone: +36-62-544647.

Zoltán Kovács (kovzol at math dot u dash szeged dot hu)

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