Workshop on Potential Theory and Applications
Szeged, Hungary, May 28 - 31, 2012
  • Vladimir Andrievskii:
    Approximation of continuous functions by entire functions on subsets of the complex plane PDF
  • Alexander Aptekarev :
    Explicite solutions of some vector potential equilibrium problems and uniformization of algebraic curves PDF
  • Laurent Baratchart:
    On the generic behaviour of Padé approximants to functions with 3 branch points PDF
  • Bernhard Beckermann:
    The Buyarov-Rakhmanov formula for equilibrium problems with constraints and external fields, applications in linear algebraPDF
  • Christian Berg:
    A potential kernel on the half-line related to a $q$-analogue of the Digamma function PDF
  • Hans-Peter Blatt:
    Quantitative estimates for the distribution of zeros of rational functions PDF
  • Thomas Bloom:
    Almost sure convergence for Angelesco ensembles PDF
  • Steven Delvaux:
    Isospectral torus for banded Hessenberg matrices PDF
  • Peter Dragnev:
    Utilization of balayage techniques to minimal energy problems for logarithmic and Riesz potentials PDF
  • Stephen J. Gardiner:
    Universal Taylor series and potential theory PDF
  • Jeff Geronimo:
    Two variable orthogonal polynomials on the bicircle and Fejér-Riesz factorization PDF
  • Alberto Grünbaum:
    Recurrence properties for quantum walks PDF
  • Adrien Hardy:
    Weakly admissible vector equilibrium problems PDF
  • Mourad E. H. Ismail:
    Spectral analysis of certain Schrodinger operators PDF
  • Valeriy Kalyagin:
    Vector equilibrium problems with semidefinite interaction matrices and masses in a compact set PDF
  • Sergey Khruschev:
    The inverse Bernstein inequality for polynomials with roots on the unit circle PDF
  • Arno Kuijlaars:
    Vector equilibrium problems in random matrix theory PDF
  • Norm Levenberg:
    (Pluri-)potential energy and large deviation PDF
  • Abey López García:
    Multiple orthogonal polynomials related to the normal matrix model PDF
  • Guillermo López Lagomasino:
    Direct and inverse results on the convergence of row sequences of Hermite-Padé approximation PDF
  • Alexey L. Lukashov :
    Classical inequalities for polynomials and rational functions and potential theory PDF
  • Andrei Martínez Finkelshtein:
    Dynamics of the support of the equilibrium measure in a quartic field PDF
  • Erwin Miña-Díaz:
    Asymptotics of Carleman polynomials for level curves of the inverse of a shifted Zhukovsky transformation PDF
  • Wiesław Pleśniak:
    Nearly optimal meshes on subanalytic sets PDF
  • Thomas Ransford:
    Capacity and coverings PDF
  • Edward B. Saff:
    Best-packing configurations as limits of minimum Riesz energy configurations PDF
  • Herbert Stahl:
    Sets of minimal capacity PDF
  • Nikos Stylianopoulos:
    Bergman orthogonal polynomials on archipelago and 2D image reconstruction PDF
  • Maxim Yattselev:
    Weighted extremal domains and $H^2$-best rational approximants to algebraic functions PDF