Plenary Talks

SpeakerAffiliationTitle of talk
Faria, TeresaUniversity of LisbonPeriodic solutions for differential equations with infinite delay and nonlinear impulses
Fiedler, BernoldFree University BerlinInfinitely many stable \emph{and} rapid Duffing oscillations, by delay
Gyllenberg, MatsUniversity of HelsinkiOn models of physiologically structured populations and their reduction to ordinary differential equations
Hofbauer, JosefUniversity of ViennaDynamics of mass action systems
Lessard, Jean-PhilippeMcGill UniversityRecent developments of computer-assisted proofs in infinite dimensional dynamical systems
Liz, EduardoUniversidad de VigoHow harvesting affects population stability: insights from discrete-time models
Mallet-Paret, JohnBrown UniversityIntricate structure of the analyticity set for a class of integral equations
Pötzsche, ChristianUniversity of KlagenfurtBifurcations in periodic integrodifference equations
Verduyn Lunel, SjoerdUtrecht UniversityDelay equations and twin semigroups
Walther, Hans-OttoUniversity of GiessenSolutions with dense short segments from regular delays
Wolfrum, MatthiasWeierstrass InstituteTemporal dissipative solitons in systems with time delay
Zou, XingfuUniversity of Western OntarioEffect of impulsive controls in a model system for age-structured population over a patchy environment