Contributed Talks

SpeakerAffiliationTitle of talk
Andò, AlessiaUniversity of UdineConvergence analysis of collocation methods for the computation of periodic solutions of delay systems
Balázs, IstvánBolyai Institute, University of SzegedA differential equation with a state-dependent queueing delay
Bánhelyi, BalázsUniversity of SzegedOn the existence and stabilization of an upper unstable limit cycle of the damped forced pendulum
Bartha, Ferenc A.University of SzegedOn the stability of a system of delayed logistic equations with patch structure
Baštinec, JaromírBrno University of TechnologyPositive solutions of a class of linear discrete equations with delays
Bognár, GabriellaUniversity of MiskolcInstabilities in MBE growth equation
Boldog, PéterUniversity of SzegedMean-field models of go-or-grow type with realistic cell cycle length distributions
Budzinskiy, StanislavLomonosov Moscow State UniversitySpirals in a delayed reaction-diffusion equation: from a thin annulus to a circle and back again
Buedo-Fernández, SebastiánUniversidade de Santiago de CompostelaGlobal attraction in systems of DDEs via the study of difference equations
Čermák, JanBrno University of TechnologyDelay-dependent stability switches in fractional differential equations
Cernea, AurelianUniversity of BucharestOn the mild solutions of a second-order integro-differential inclusion
Csizmadia, LászlóBolyai Institute, University of SzegedPeriodicity, stability and instability in elementary way
Das, BornaliUniversity of SzegedTwo biological applications of a simple linear chain
de Wolff, BabetteFreie Universität BerlinPseudospectral approximation for bifurcation problems in delay equations
Du, ZengjiJiangsu Normal UniversityThe existence of solitary wave solutions of perturbed delayed Camassa–Holm equations
Eremin, AlexeySaint-Petersburg State UniversityAn approach to blow-up times detection for delay-differential equations
Fujimoto, KodaiMasaryk UniversityAsymptotic problems for nonlinear ordinary differential equations with $\varphi$-Laplacian
Garab, ÁbelUniversity of KlagenfurtAbsence of superexponential solutions for a cyclic system of delay differential equations
Gierzkiewicz, AnnaAgriculture University in KrakowComputer-assisted proofs of chaos in low-dimensional dynamical systems
György, SzilviaEötvös Loránd UniversityQualitative properties of a class of retarded dynamical systems
Hegedűs, JenőBolyai Institute, University of SzegedA sharpening of the Duhamel's principle for the forced vibration of an infinite string
Hénot, OlivierMcGill UniversityValidated numerics for the unstable manifold of delay differential equations
Ibrahim, MahmoudBolyai Institute, University of SzegedThreshold dynamics in a model for Zika virus disease with seasonality
Juránek, JakubMasaryk UniversityNon-oscillation criteria for half-linear difference and differential equations with asymptotically periodic coefficients
Kovács, SándorEötvös Loránd UniversityQualitative properties of a class of retarded dynamical systems
Ladics, TamásJohn von Neumann universityWaveform relaxation method for nonlinear problems
Lelkes, JánosBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsBifurcation analysis of a harmonically forced delay equation
Lois-Prados, CristinaUniversidade de Santiago de Compostela Global dynamics of Lasota's discrete-time model for blood cell production
López Nieto, AlejandroFreie Universität BerlinCharacterization of periodic solutions for scalar delay equations with monotone feedback and even-odd symmetry
Mincsovics, Miklós EmilBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsHow to teach one step and linear multistep methods
Muqbel, KhalilBolyai Institute, University of SzegedOptimal temporary non-pharmaceutical intervention strategies for epidemic outbreaks
Neogrády-Kiss, MártonEötvös Loránd UniversityDynamics of recurrent neural networks with piece-wise constant activation functions
Oliveira, José J.University of MinhoGlobal attractivity of the periodic solution for a periodic model of hematopoiesis
Onitsuka, MasakazuOkayama University of ScienceHyers-Ulam stability for first-order linear differential equations with periodic coefficient
Pátíková, ZuzanaTomas Bata University in ZlínConditionally oscillatory half-linear differential equations and Hille-Nehari type criteria
Pereira, AldoUniversidade de BrasiliaGlobal bifurcation for nonlinear dynamic equations on time scales
Reinfelds, AndrejsInstitute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of LatviaDecoupling of quasilinear systems on time scales
Schneider, IsabelleFreie Universität BerlinEquivariant Pyragas control: theoretical mechanism versus experimental verification
Simon, LászlóEötvös Loránd UniversityOn qualitative behavior of multiple solutions of quasilinear parabolic functional equations
Spek, LenUniversity of TwenteNon-linear and spectral analysis of neural field models with transmission delays and diffusion
Stehlík, PetrUniversity of West BohemiaMultichromatic travelling waves for lattice Nagumo reaction diffusion equation
Švígler, VladimírUniversity of West BohemiaCounting and ordering periodic stationary solutions of lattice Nagumo equations
Svoboda, ZdeněkCEITEC Brno University of TechnologyPositive monotone solutions of a neutral-type equation system
Szczelina, RobertJagiellonian UniversitySome improvements in a rigorous integration of delay differential equations
Tekeli, TamásBolyai Institute, University of SzegedStability and oscillations in multistage SIS models depend on the number of stages
Volek, JonášNTIS, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia in PilsenMultiplicity of critical points for minimax functionals and applications to differential equations
Walawska, IrminaJagiellonian UniversityValidated numerics for period-tupling and touch-and-go bifurcations of symmetric periodic orbits in reversible system
Zsiros, ÁdámBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsTuning the parameters of a mechanistic chain oscillator model to match the Kolmogorov spectrum of turbulence