Invited Talks

SpeakerAffiliationTitle of talk
Appleby, JohnDublin City UniversityHartman–Wintner theorems for nonlinear differential systems
Atay, FatihcanBilkent UniversityConsensus problems in coupled delay differential equations on directed networks
Bélair, JacquesUniversité de MontréalStability analysis of an equation with two time delays and delay-dependant coefficients
Boros, BalázsUniversity of ViennaDynamics of planar S-systems
Breda, DimitriUniversity of UdineStability of periodic orbits of renewal equations
Caraballo, TomásUniversidad de SevillaDynamics of impulsive fractional stochastic evolution equations with unbounded delay
Csendes, TiborUniversity of SzegedOn the computer aided part of the proof for the Wright conjecture on a delay differential equation
Dénes, AttilaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedGlobal dynamics of an SIS model with multiple strains, superinfection and patch structure
Diblík, JosefBrno University of TechnologyExponential stability tests for linear delayed differential systems depending on all delays
Faragó, IstvánBudapest University of Technology and Economics \& MTA-ELTE Numnet Research GroupReliable mathematical modeling of extended malaria model
Federson, MarciaUniversidade de Sao PauloNew directions of generalized ODEs
Garay, Barnabás M.Pázmány Péter Catholic UniversityOn the dynamics of a Chua–Yang ring network in 8D
Getto, PhilippTU DresdenA system of differential equations with state-dependent delay from cell biology – differentiability, linearized stability and research in progress
Győri, IstvánUniversity of PannoniaUnbounded and blow-up solutions for a delay logistic equation with positive feedback
Han, XiaoyingAuburn UniversitySigmoidal approximation of Heaviside functions in neural lattice models
Hartung, FerencUniversity of PannoniaOn the quasilinearization method for a parameter estimation problem in neutral functional differential equations with state-dependent delays
Hatvani, LászlóBolyai Institute, University of SzegedOn the problem of damping
Humphries, TonyMcGill UniversityDynamics and bifurcations of DDE cell-cycle models
Jaquette, JonathanBrandeis UniversityA computer assisted proof of Jones' conjecture: counting and discounting slowly oscillating periodic solutions to Wright's equation
Karsai, JánosUniversity of SzegedModelling the spread of varicella in Hungary
Kovács, MihályPPKE ITKOn a randomized backward Euler method for nonlinear evolution equations with time-irregular coefficients
Lóczi, LajosELTE Faculty of Informatics, Department of Numerical AnalysisSome stability properties of Runge-Kutta and multistep methods for ODEs
Matsunaga, HideakiOsaka Prefecture UniversityAsymptotic behavior of solutions of linear integral equations with two delays
Mesquita, JaquelineUniversidade de BrasiliaGeneralized ODEs and measure FDEs with infinite time-dependent delays
Mugnai, DimitriUniversity of TusciaNeumann fractional $p$-Laplacian: eigenvalues and problems with source
Nakata, YukihikoShimane UniversityPeriod two solutions of distributed delay differential equations
Nguyen, MinhUniversity of Arkansas at Little RockSpectral theory of functions and asymptotic behavior of solutions of some functional differential equations
Nishiguchi, JunyaTohoku University$C^1$-smooth dependence with respect to history in Sobolev space $W^{1, 1}$ and constant delay: beyond Lipschitz continuous histories
Núñez, CarmenUniversidad de ValladolidNonautonomous Hopf bifurcation and Li–Yorke chaos
Padhi, SeshadevBirla Institute of TechnologyOn positive solutions of boundary value problems with Riemann–Stieltjes integrals
Pap, GyulaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedAsymptotic behavior of supercritical multi-type CBI processes
Pituk, MihályUniversity of PannoniaSemistability of complex balanced kinetic systems with time delays
Polner, MónikaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedDelayed neural field equations in two-dimensional spatial domains
Răsvan, VladimirUniversity of CraiovaStability and stabilization of a model occurring in hydraulics
Reynolds, DavidDublin City UniversityAsymptotic constancy of solutions of linear Volterra and other functional differential equations
Röst, GergelyBolyai Institute, University of SzegedGlobal dynamics of a new delay logistic equation arisen in cell biology
Ruiz-Herrera, AlfonsoUniversity of OviedoCriteria of global attraction in systems of delay differential equations with mixed monotonicity
Simon, PéterEötvös Loránd University, BudapestLyapunov functions to neural network models
Simon Hilscher, RomanMasaryk UniversitySturmian separation theorems on unbounded intervals
Vas, GabriellaHungarian Academy of Sciences / University of SzegedLarge-amplitude periodic solutions for delay equations
Yanchuk, SerhiyTechnical University of BerlinOn absolute stability of delay differential equations with one discrete delay