Social program

June 17 (Monday), 18:30, Rector's Central Building: Welcome reception (included in the registration fee).

June 18 (Tuesday), 17:00: Excursion (included in the registration fee). We offer three options for this program.

June 19 (Wednesday), 19:00, Hungi restaurant: Conference dinner (included in the registration fee).

We would also like to call your attention to the Open-Air Festival of Szeged, located right next to the conference site. On June 21, 9 pm, the dance show Waving World is on schedule. The two parts of the dance commemorate the events of the great flood that devastated Szeged 140 years ago and evoke the era of the famous bandit Sándor Rózsa. Ticket prices are between 10–50 EUR. For details about the program and ticket purchase, please visit the webpage of the Festival here. Should you need any help with purchasing the tickets, please contact our ourganizing partners at Please indicate your interest as soon as possible, since tickets usually run out very quickly.