Árpád Kurusa
mathematician, associate professor
Department of Geometry
Bolyai Institute
Faculty of Science
University of Szeged

Árpád Kurusa


Scartist - photos about emotions

Scartist is a graduate student in mathematics graduating in 2012, whose pictures amaze me -- they evoke emotions.

Scartist's pictures are not always made with the same intent, as they affects me, but I think this is one of the characteristics of a good photo: impact on the viewer according to the viewer's own life and experiences.

Below you find a selection of Scartist's pictures that I like. More photos of Scartist can be seen on her flicker pages

The pictures have given title by Scartist in English and in Hungarian too, but I could not stand to give them names in parenthesis that are the emotion they evoked in me.


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