Árpád Kurusa
mathematician, associate professor
Department of Geometry
Bolyai Institute
Faculty of Science
University of Szeged

Árpád Kurusa

spring semester in 2016

Lectures of spring semester in 2016

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day schedule hours course code place
Office hour My office
Tuesday 10 4 Euclidean geometry lt. MBN231E Farkas (B-205)
Thursday 12 2 Kerékjártó Geometric Seminar. MBN231e Riesz (B-105)
Friday 8 2 Thesis consultation pr. MMN901G My office
Wednesday 8 2 Measures of convex sets MMN035e My office
Wednesday 10 1 Measures of convex sets MMN035g My office
Wednesday 13 2 Differential geometry MBN532e My office
Wednesday 15 1 Differential geometry MBN532g My office



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