9th Colloquium on the Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations

Szeged, Hungary, June 28 - July 1, 2011

Contributed Talks

SpeakerAffiliationTitle of talk
Aleroev, TemirkhanMoscow Institute of a Municipal Services and Construction, MoscowOn a class of oscillation is not self-adjoint operators associated with differential equations of fractional order
Ariesanu Pop, CameliaPolitehnica University of TimisoaraGeometrical aspects in the study of Lorenz system
Awwad, EssamUniversity of PannoniaOn the boundedness of the solutions of nonlinear Volterra integral equations
Bognár, GabriellaUniversity of MiskolcOn similarity solutions for boundary layer flows
Cheng, JianDublin City UniversityOn the asymptotic stability of a class of perturbed ordinary differential equations with weak asymptotic mean reversion
Csikja, RudolfBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsA linear oscillator with hysteresis
Csizmadia, LászlóBolyai Institute, University of SzegedOn the stabilization of the upper equilibrium of the pendulum
Dahmani, ZoubirUMAB University of MostaganemSome integral inequalities using RL operator
Dénes, AttilaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedEventual stability properties of a non-autonomous Lotka--Volterra equation
Erdogan, FevziYuzuncu Yil UniversityUniform finite difference schemes for singularly perturbed differential difference equations
Fišnarová, SimonaMendel University in BrnoHalf-linear differential equations: Two-parametric conditional oscillation
Gamliel, DanAriel University CenterUsing the Lambert function in an exchange process with a time delay
Garab, ÁbelBolyai Institute, University of SzegedUnique periodic orbits of a DDE with piecewise linear feedback function
Goltser, YakovAriel University CenterIntegro-Differential equations with distributed delay or advanced
Haladová, HanaMasaryk UniversityHalf-linear Euler differential equations in the critical case
Heged?s, Jen?Bolyai Institute, University of SzegedSome classical results on the vibrating string revised
Knipl, DianaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedDynamic model of pandemic influenza: age structure, vaccination and long distance travel networks
Kosovalic, NemanjaYork UniversityDelayed difference equation exhibiting a huge number of stable periodic orbits
Krej?ová, JanaMasaryk UniversityOscillation of the fourth-order nonlinear difference equations
Kundrat, PetrInstitute of Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of TechnologyOn asymptotic properties of differential equations with several power delays
Ladics, TamásSzent István UniversityOn the order of operator splitting methods in reaction-diffusion equations
Ma?ík, RobertMendel University in BrnoPrincipal solutions of half-linear equation: yet another integral characterization
Maghakyan, AbrahamAriel University Center, ArielMaximum principles and boundary value problem for neutral functional differential equations
Nagy, BálintCollege of DunaújvárosBifurcations of an ENSO-model
Nechvatal, LudekBrno University of TechnologyA note on certain linear fractional difference equations
Oplustil, ZdenekBrno University of TechnologySome oscillatory properties of the second-order linear delayed differential equation
Padhi, SeshadevBirla Institute of TechnologyGlobal attractivity of a first order differential equation with applications to some mathematical models
Partsvania, NinoA. Razmadze Mathematical Institute of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State UniversityOn two-point boundary value problems for two-dimensional nonlinear differential systems with strong singularities
Pati, SmitaBirla Institute of TechnologyPositive periodic solutions of differential equations with unbounded Green's kernel
Polner, MonikaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedA Hamiltonian structure-preserving vorticity-dilatation formulation of the compressible Euler equations
Rehak, PavelAcademy of SciencesAsymptotic theory of coupled nonlinear differential systems in the framework of regular variation
Reznickova, JanaTomas Bata University in Zlin, Faculty of Applied InformaticsA Hartman type asymptotic formula for solutions of nonoscillatory half-linear differential equations
Shamolin, Maxim V.Institute of Mechanics, Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityIntagrability and nonintagrability in terms of transcendental functions in dynamics
Simon Hilscher, RomanMasaryk UniversityOscillation theory of Sturm--Liouville equations with nonlinear dependence in spectral parameter
Slezák, BernátUniversity of PannoniaOn the parameter depedence of the resolvent function of functional differential equations
Szántó, IvánUniversidad Federico Santa MariaCoexistence of limit cycles and invariant conic in a class of polynomial systems on the plane
Székely, LászlóInstitute of Mathematics and Informatics, Szent István University, Gödöll?On a SEIR epidemic model with delay
Szijártó, AndrásBolyai Institute, University of SzegedObservation problems posed for the Klein--Gordon equation
Terjéki, JózsefBolyai Institute, University of SzegedOn the convergence of solutions of nonautonomous functional differential equations
Tunc, CemilYuzuncu Yil UniversityOn the integrability of non-autonomous differential equations of second order with variable deviating argument
Ungureanu, Viorica MarielaConstantin Brancusi UniversityA class of nonlinear differential equations on ordered Banach spaces
Vas, GabriellaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedPeriodic orbits for delay differential equations
Veselý, MichalMasaryk UniversityAlmost periodic skew-Hermitian and skew-symmetric linear differential systems
Vítovec, Ji?íInstitute of Mathemathics, University of Technology BrnoRapid variation on time scales with applications to dynamic equations
Zemánek, PetrMasaryk UniversityNew results in theory of Friedrichs extension

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