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Petar Markovic: Colored edge theory, Part 1

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Szerda, 28. Szeptember 2022, 10:10 - 11:40

Speaker: Petar Markovic, University of Novi Sad
Title: Colored edge theory, Part 1
Time: 10:10 am, Wednesday, September 28, Riesz Room

Abstract: We will define the colored undirected edges (thin and thick) of a finite algebra, and classify them into four types: unary, semilattice, majority and affine. We will prove the connectivity properties of the colored edge graph, omitting edge theorems corresponding to some of the tame congruence omitting type results, and prove that in each finite Taylor algebra we can find a term reduct which is again a Taylor algebra, but in which all thick edges of the semilattice and majority types are subuiniverses. We finish by unifying operations so that the same semilattice operation works on all semilattice edges and similarly for the other types of edges.


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