CSM - The Second Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics

Szeged, Hungary, June 28 - June 30, 2012


Preliminary program

Day 1: June 28, Thursday

11:00Plenary Talk
András KornaiLanguage death in the digital age
12:00Szilárd SzabóSpectral curves and roots of Kac-Moody algebras
12:25Amir MosaviOptimal design of the NURBS curves and surfaces utilizing multiobjective optimization and decision making algorithms of RSO
13:00Lunch in the "Roosevelt téri Halászcsárda"
14:30Bolyai Institute Colloqium
Horst R. ThiemeGlobal attractors,  stability, and population persistence
15:50Tamás MészárosShattering extremal set systems
16:15Eszter RozgonyiAdditive representation functions
17:00Franciska PetényiCharacter expansiveness in finite groups
17:25András SzántóQuasi-orthogonal subalgebras of matrix algebras
17:50István SzöllősiOn short exact sequences of Kronecker modules
18:15Valentino LanzoneBinary fields on limited systems
19:00Reception at the conference place
20:45Social program (optional): Euro Cup 2012 Semifinal, (Public Viewing)

Day 2: June 29, Friday

Session 1
08:30Raluca MureşanUniform exponential stability for evolution families that are not exponentially bounded
08:55Cristina PraţaA version of a theorem of A.M. Lyapunov for the stability and instability of evolution families in Banach spaces
09:20Ábel GarabGlobal dynamics of a delayed Ricker model
09:55Mónika SzűcsAvian-human influenza epidemic model with pulse vaccination
10:20Essam AwwadApplication on the boundedness of nonlinear Volterra integral equations
11:00Plenary Talk
Horst R. ThiemeApparent paradoxes in disease models with horizontal and vertical transmission
12:00László SzékelyDisease regulated population in a SEIR model with delay
12:25Attila DénesGlobal dynamics for the spread of ectoparasite borne diseases
Session 2
08:30Ferenc RárosiComparison of statistical classification methods in radiotherapy data
08:55Kinga SikolyaParameter estimation in a spatial linear regression model
09:20Renáta VasJoint asymptotic normality of kernel type density estimator for spatial observations
09:55Edit LázárHow to use the Rash-modell
10:20Ádám HulmánStatistical visualisation tool development in Mathematica for longitudinal data analysis
11:00Plenary Talk
12:00Balázs BáránySlicing the Sierpinski gasket
12:25Gábor LovicsA method to approximate the whole Pareto-optimal set of a linearly constrained convex multiobjective optimization problem
13:00Lunch in the "Roosevelt téri Halászcsárda"
Session 1
14:00Yukihiko NakataGlobal analysis for spread of an infectious disease via human transportation
14:25Diána H. KniplModelling the spread of infectious diseases via global airline transportation
14:50Kyeongah NahMathematical models for P. vivax malaria and the dilution effect of the domestic animal population on the malaria transmission
15:25László CsizmadiaOn the stability regions of the inverted pendulum
15:50András SzijártóObservation problems posed for the Klein-Gordon equation
Session 2
14:00Claudia ZahariaA characterization of the completeness of random normed spaces
14:25Anca FarcaşOn some modified Szasz-Mirakjan operators
14:50Péter KórusUniform convergence of double trigonometric series with general monotonic coefficients
15:25Attila SzalaiCharacterization of stability of contractions
15:50György GehérPositive operators arising from contractions
17:40Social Program
Bus trip, Museum, Gala Dinner in the "Fehértói Halászcsárda"

Day 3: June 30, Saturday

08:30Illés HorváthOn different versions of sector conditions
08:55András Némedy VargaStatistical properties of the system of two falling balls
09:20Péter NándoriLorentz process with shrinking holes in a wall
10:00Tamás T. SzabóChange detection in INAR(p) processes and continuous branching models
10:25Kristóf KörmendiParameter estimation for critical, symmetric 2-type Galton-Watson processes
10:50Péter KeveiDiminishing processes
11:35Manuela Wiesinger-WidiGröbner bases by matrix triangularization
12:00Gergely KissLinear functional equations
12:25Mirjana MikalačkiOn doubly biased Maker-Breaker games
13:00Lunch in the "Roosevelt téri Halászcsárda"
14:00Gábor V. NagyA simple combinatorial proof of Shapiro's Catalan convolution
14:25Balázs UdvariThe number of convex polygons determined by a point set
14:50László OzsvártGraphs with ordered vertices
15:15Róbert VajdaOn attacking Zolotarev polynomial approximation problems with quantifier elimination and Groebner bases

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