CSM - The Second Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics

Szeged, Hungary, June 28 - June 30, 2012


Accepted abstracts

NameOrganization Title
Awwad, Essam PannoniaApplication on the boundedness of nonlinear Volterra integral equations
Bárány, Balázs BMESlicing the Sierpinski gasket
Csizmadia, László SZTEOn the stability regions of the inverted pendulum
Dénes, Attila SZTEGlobal dynamics for the spread of ectoparasite borne diseases
Farcas, Anca UBB ClujOn some modified Szasz-Mirakjan operators
Garab, Ábel SZTEGlobal dynamics of a delayed Ricker model
Gehér, György SZTEPositive operators arising from contractions
H. Knipl, Diána SZTEModelling the spread of infectious diseases via global airline transportation
Horváth, Illés BMEOn different versions of sector conditions
Hulmán, Ádám SZTEStatistical visualisation tool development in Mathematica for longitudinal data analysis
Kevei, Péter SZTEDiminishing processes
Kiss, Gergely ELTELinear functional equations
Kórus, Péter SZTEUniform convergence of double trigonometric series with general monotonic coefficients
Körmendi, Kristóf SZTEParameter estimation for critical, symmetric 2-type Galton-Watson processes
Lanzone, Valentino UnibasBinary fields on limited systems
Lázár, Edit DEHow to use the Rash-modell
Lovics, Gábor BMEA method to approximate the whole Pareto-optimal set of a linearly constrained convex multiobjective optimization problem
Mészáros, Tamás CEUShattering extremal set systems
Mikalacki, Mirjana UNSOn doubly biased Maker-Breaker games
Mosavi, Amir DEOptimal design of the NURBS curves and surfaces utilizing multiobjective optimization and decision making algorithms of RSO
Muresan, Raluca UVTUniform exponential stability for evolution families that are not exponentially bounded
Nagy V., Gábor SZTEA simple combinatorial proof of Shapiro's Catalan convolution
Nah, Kyeongah SZTEMathematical models for P. vivax malaria and the dilution effect of the domestic animal population on the malaria transmission
Nakata, Yukihiko BCAMGlobal analysis for spread of an infectious disease via human transportation
Nándori, Péter BMELorentz process with shrinking holes in a wall
Némedy Varga, András BMEStatistical properties of the system of two falling balls
Ozsvárt, László SZTEGraphs with ordered vertices
Petényi, Franciska BMECharacter expansiveness in finite groups
Prata, Cristina UVTA version of a theorem of A.M. Lyapunov for the stability and instability of evolution families in Banach spaces
Rárosi, Ferenc SZTEComparison of statistical classification methods in radiotherapy data
Rozgonyi, Eszter BMEAdditive representation functions
Sikolya, Kinga DEParameter estimation in a spatial linear regression model
Szabó, Szilárd BMESpectral curves and roots of Kac-Moody algebras
Szalai, Attila SZTECharacterization of stability of contractions
Szántó, András BMEQuasi-orthogonal subalgebras of matrix algebras
Székely, László SZIEDisease regulated population in a SEIR model with delay
Szijártó, András SZTEObservation problems posed for the Klein-Gordon equation
Szöllősi, István UBB ClujOn short exact sequences of Kronecker modules
Szűcs , Mónika SZTEAvian-human influenza epidemic model with pulse vaccination
T. Szabó, Tamás SZTEChange detection in INAR(p) processes and continuous branching models
Udvari, Balázs SZTEThe number of convex polygons determined by a point set
Vajda, Róbert SZTEOn attacking Zolotarev polynomial approximation problems with quantifier elimination and Gröbner bases
Vas, Renáta DEJoint asymptotic normality of kernel type density estimator for spatial observations
Wiesinger-Widi, Manuela RISCGröbner bases by matrix triangularization
Zaharia, Claudia UVTA characterization of the completeness of random normed spaces

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