Information for Authors

The Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations is dedicated to the publication of high quality papers in the broad area of ordinary and partial differential equations, integral equations, and functional differential equations. If an author can see that her/his paper is clearly outside the areas of interest of any of the editors, then this journal is probably the wrong place for the paper.

By submitting a paper to this journal, the author certifies that the paper has not been previously published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere; that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities - tacitly or explicitly - at the institute where the work has been carried out. The author agrees that, if the paper is accepted for publication, he will transfer the copyright in it exclusively to EJQTDE, including the right of reproduction in all forms and media, and the right to include it in collections and databases. Research articles are refereed under the same standards as those used by any printed journals covered by the Mathematical Reviews and the Zentralblatt.

To guarantee the diversity of the topics in EJQTDE, in general, in any one calendar year, Editors will not consider more than two submissions and EJQTDE is unlikely to publish more than one paper by one person as author or co-author.

It is to be understood that once a paper is published, it can not be removed or corrected, although a correction can be published later in the journal and a notation made in the original article telling where a correction appears.

To submit a paper, the corresponding author should log in to our Editorial System, where a detailed description of the submission procedure is available, we mention here only the most important points. The paper must be formatted in any TeX version using 12 point characters, and it should be submitted preferably in PDF format. The paper should be directed to one of the Associate Editors whose research interest is closest to the topics of the paper to be submitted. In order to aid the handling of the paper, the author must also include an abstract in TeX format with a minimum of mathematical text in it (upon acceptance this will appear on the WWW page of this paper).

For the final version of the paper the author should format the paper so that in the footline you have the following text in at least 10 point characters right justified:

        EJQTDE, <year> No. <number>, p. <page number>

where <year> is the publication year, <number> is the issue number in that year, and <page number> is the page number starting from 1 and increasing (upon acceptance, we will supply the publication year and number to the author). Also, on the headline of the first page should contain the following text right justified:

        Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations
        <year>, No. <number>, 1 - <last page>;

where <last page> is the number of pages in the paper. In plain TeX you can use the following text to do this (of course, the year and issue number and the last page should be replaced):

\vtop to 0 pt{\hbox{\sevenit Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations}
\hbox{\sevenrm 2013, No. {\sevenbf 1}, 1-12; {\sevenbf}}\vss}\else\hss\fi}
\footline{\hss\rm EJQTDE, 2013 No. 1, p. \the\pageno}
In LaTeX put the following text after the \begin{document} and (if you use it) after \maketitle:
\vtop to 0 pt{\vskip-1truecm\hbox{\sevenit
Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations}\hbox{\sevenrm 2013, No. {\sevenbf 1}, 1-12;
{\sevenbf}}\vss}\else\hss\fi}\def\@oddfoot{\rm\hfil EJQTDE, 2013 No. 1, p. \thepage}

Submissions to the Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations are accepted only by electronic means through the Editorial System. Papers submitted in any other means will not be considered for publication.