Contributed Talks

SpeakerAffiliationTitle of talk
Akhmet, MaratMiddle East Technical UniversityFunctional differential equations with piecewise constant argument
Atslega, SvetlanaInstitute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of LatviaSolutions of two-point BVP via phase-plane analysis
Balázs, IstvánBolyai Institute, University of SzegedPeriodic solutions of a differential equation with a queueing delay
Barbarossa, Maria VittoriaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedImmuno-epidemiology of a population structured by immune status
Besenyei, ÁdámEötvös Loránd University, BudapestBounds for the expected value of one-step processes
Bognár, GabriellaUniversity of MiskolcOn the soultions to Navier-Stokes problem for some non-Newtonian cases
Boldog, PéterBolyai Institute, University of SzegedHerd immunity caused by a toxoid vaccine - the case study of diphtheria by dynamic models
Cernea, AurelianUniversity of BucharestOn the existence of solutions for a nonconvex hyperbolic differential inclusion of third order
Chekroun, AbdennasserClaude Bernard Lyon 1 UniversityTraveling wave fronts in a coupled delayed reaction-diffusion and difference system
Csizmadia, LászlóKecskemét CollegePeriodic trajectories of the linear swinging model
Csomós, PetraMTA-ELTE Numerical Analysis and Large Networks Research GroupNumerical stability for nonlinear evolution equations
Damak, SérineBolyai Institute, University of SzegedExponential stability of difference equations with distributed delay
Dénes, AttilaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedGlobal stability for SIR and SIRS models via Dulac functions
Eremin, AlexeySaint-Petersburg State UniversityFunctional Continuous Runge-Kutta-Nyström methods
Gamliel, DanAriel UniversityApproximate solutions for delay differential equations
Han, XiaoyingAuburn UniversityChemostat in varying environments
Karsai, JánosBolyai Institute, University of SzegedOn the competition of species for territory with overcolonization
Kashkynbayev, ArdakMiddle East Technical UniversityFinite-time nonautonomous bifurcation in impulsive systems
Kiss, GáborBolyai Institute, University of SzegedPeriodic solutions of a delayed Van der Pol oscillator
Kıvılcım, AyşegülMiddle East Technical UniversityChaos by neural networks: the quasi-periodic route
Liška, PetrMasaryk UniversityOn the oscillation of third order differential equations with delay
Mesquita, JaquelineUniversidade de São PauloPeriodic averaging for $q$-difference equations
Mincsovics, Miklós EmilBME Dep. Diff. Equations, MTA-ELTE Numerical Analysis and Large Networks Research GroupOn some properties of lower triangular banded Toeplitz matrices corresponding to linear multistep methods
Mohamady, NahedUniversity of PannoniaBoundedness of solutions of nonlinear delay differential equations
Nagy, NoémiEötvös Loránd UniversityApproximate master equations for dynamical processes on graphs
Nah, KyeongahBolyai Institute, University of SzegedMalaria dynamics in seasonal environment with long incubation period in hosts
Nishiguchi, JunyaKyoto UniversityAsymptotic stability of constant solutions in delay differential equations with a constant delay and transcendental equations with complex coefficients
Oinarov, RyskulL. N. Gumiliyov Eurasian National UniversityWeighted inequality and some qualitative characteristics of Sturm-Liouville type equation
Ospanov, KordanL. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National UniversityComplete second order differential operator with unbounded drift
Patterson, DenisDublin City UniversityMemory-dependent growth rates in sublinear Volterra differential equations
Péics, HajnalkaUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of Civil Engineering SuboticaSystem of delay difference equations with continuous time with lag function between two known functions
Polner, MónikaBolyai Institute, University of SzegedA time-discontinuous Galerkin method for neural field models with transmission delays
Radin, Michael A.Rochester Institute of TechnologyDiscrete model of population dynamics of Easter Island and extinct populations
Ramazanova, KhanymL. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National UniversitySturm type comparison theorems for the half-linear equations with damping term
Reinfelds, AndrejsInstitute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of LatviaIntegral stability for dynamic systems on time scale
Russ, EvamariaAlpen-Adria-Universität KlagenfurtTopological decoupling and linearization of nonautonomous reaction-diffusion equations
Şahiner, SinemIzmir University, Mathematics and Computer ScienceSturm comparison theorems for some elliptic type equations via Picone type inequalities
Sergejeva, NatalijaInstitute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of LatviaOn the Fučík type problem with nonlocal integral boundary conditions
Slavík, AntonínCharles University in PragueProduct integration and linear differential equations in Banach algebras
Stehlík, PetrUniversity of West BohemiaReaction-diffusion equations on lattices and graphs
Svoboda, ZdeněkBrno University of TechnologyRepresentation of solutions of second-order linear differential systems with constant delays
Szijártó, AndrásBolyai Institute, University of SzegedVibrating infinite string under a minimally smooth force and a general observation condition
Szymańska-Dębowska, KatarzynaInstitute of Mathematics, Lodz University of TechnologyOn a nonlocal resonant boundary value problem involving $p$-Laplacian
Vizi, ZsoltUniversity of Szeged, Bolyai InstituteGeneralization of pairwise models to non-Markovian epidemics on networks