CSM - The First Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics

Szeged, Hungary, June 29 - July 2, 2010


Accepted abstracts

NameOrganization Title
Adamcsek, Edit ELTE/METApplication of ensemble transform Kalman filter in numerical weather prediction at the Hungarian Meteorological Service
Backhausz, Ágnes ELTELocal degree distributions in scale free random graph models
Bárány, Balázs BMEOn the dimension theory of Iterated Function Systems with fixed point correspondence
Bartha, Ferenc UiB/SZTERigorous numerics for dissipative PDEs
Csóka, Endre ELTEMaximum flow is approximable by deterministic constant-time algorithm in sparse networks
Dénes, Attila SZTEStability properties of a population dinamical model for two fish species in Lake Tanganyika
Garab, Ábel SZTEUnique periodic solutions of a delay differential equation with piecewise linear feedback function
Gehér, György SZTEOn the commutant of asymptotically non-vanishing contractions
Horváth, Illés BMEDiffusive limit for the myopic (or "true") self-avoiding random walk in d>=3
Knipl, Diána SZTEModelling the strategies for age specific vaccination scheduling during influenza pandemic outbreaks
Koi, Tamás BMECapacity region of the discrete asynchronous multiple acces channel
Kórus, Péter SZTESingle and double sine series with general monotonic coefficients
Máder, Attila SZTEThe maximum number of rectangular islands - Experiments in the classroom
Maróti, Attila Rényi InstituteAverage dimension of fixed point spaces with applications
Mészáros, Viola SZTESeparated matchings in colored convex sets
Nándori, Péter BMEBilliards and random walks
Nagy, Béla SZTEPotential theory on curves
Pósfai, Anna SZTEApproximation theorems related to the coupon collector's problem
Pusztai, Gábor SZTETrigonometric BC_n Sutherland models and Hermann actions
Rakic, Mirjana UNS, SerbiaDoubly biased Connectivity game
Röst, Gergely SZTEFrom simple dynamics to chaos through nonmonotone delayed feedback
Sáfár, Orsolya BMETime-delayed patchy environment model of the capillary migration assay
Skublics, Benedek SZTEMatrices in modular lattices
Szimjanovszki, Irma SZTEComputer-aided study of the competition of species for territory
Szöllősi, István UBB ClujOn the Hall product of preinjective Kronecker modules
Timár, Ádám UNIGESelf-similar groups and graphs
Varga, Tamás SZTEUniform spacing of zeros of orthogonal polynomials on intervals with doubling property
Vas, Gabriella SZTEPeriodic solutions for an equation with delay
Vető, Bálint BMELimit theorems for the one-dimensional myopic self-avoiding walk

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