DifEqu is a program designed for numerically solving ordinary, functional and partial differential equations, difference equations and do many more things. It can be used for solving problems arising in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology. The program is most useful for teaching, doing research and creating simulation. To this end DifEqu has It is very easy to start using the program by simply modifying any of the many examples shipped together with the program. If you are not familiar with programming and programming languages, DifEqu can help you do all your programming by asking you to answer some simple questions, and you need to know only the very basic part of the programming language. But if you are an expert in programming, you can write your own code to your class or research: all of the input files for DifEqu are text files, they can be edited by any text editor. If you only want to change the equation to be solved or the way to display the solutions, you do not even have to edit manually any of the input files, all of them are handled by DifEqu automatically.

The execution of the programming language is fast. If you are familiar with Phaser (a program © by Kocak specifically for solving ordinary differential and difference equations), you will be surprised that DifEqu (which is not specialized for solving differential or difference equations) will solve the more complicated equations faster than Phaser. This speed is achieved by automated function argument type checking, uniform handling of all the operators and functions, and a feature that is sometimes badly needed in other programming languages: a program can put together another program and execute it to create a fast and effective method for solving the problem at hand.

You can create demonstrations by saving the current position and contents of the windows in DifEqu. When you reopen a project, the position and contents of the windows will be restored. You can also save the graphics and text created by DifEqu into Windows BMP and text files to include them in research papers and books. You can print the graphics and text created by DifEqu to give it to your collegues or your students.

Minimum hardware and software requirements for running DifEqu: Recommended configuration:
The DifEqu program is freeware, you can download it from our server. Here you can see some examples created by DifEqu, so you can decide if it is suitable for you.

If you need more information about DifEqu, write the author (Géza Makay) an e-mail.

To create a problem solving library for educational and research purposes I would very much like to get any programs and examples written in the programming language in DifEqu. I am planning to create a page on this WWW server for distributing these problem solving programs.

The DifEqu project was supported by the Foundation for the Hungarian Higher Education and Research.

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