Ferenc Ágoston Bartha
Research Scientist, Rice University, Houston TX, USA CPS - 2015 Spring teaching TMA4105 utdanning oktatás oktat&aacutes

e-mail: Ferenc.A.Bartha rice.edu
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CV light [full version]
2016 - research scientist at Rice University, Houston TX, USA
2014 - 2016 post-doc at Rice University, Houston TX, USA
Effective modeling group
2013 lecturer at University of Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway
2008 - 2013 research fellow at University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway, PhD in Mathematics
CAPA group
2003 - 2008 student at University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary, Major in Mathematics
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[Effective modeling] [CAPA group] [CAPD group]
Research interests: dynamical systems, rigorous computations, numerical methods for partial differential equations and delayed differential equations

List of Publications
Enclosing the Behavior of a Hybrid System up to and Beyond a Zeno Point
with Michal Konecny, Walid Taha, Jan Duracz, Adam Duracz and Aaron D. Ames
Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems, Volume 20, 2016
Fixed points of a destabilized Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
with Warwick Tucker
Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 266, 2015 [code]
Necessary and sufficient condition for the global stability of a delayed discrete-time single neuron model
with Ábel Garab
Journal of Computational Dynamics, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014 [code] [preprint]
Computing of B-series by automatic differentiation
with Hans Munthe-Kaas
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A, Volume 34, Issue 3, 2014 [code]
Local stability implies global stability for the 2-dimensional Ricker map
with Ábel Garab and Tibor Krisztin
Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, Volume 19, Issue 12, 2013 [code] [preprint]
Best JDEA Paper 2013 Award [link]
Pauli potential from Heilmann-Lieb electron density obtained by summing hydrogenic closed-shell densities over the entire bound-state spectrum
with Ferenc Bartha, Ferenc Bogár and Norman Henry March
Phys. Rev. A 83, 014502, 2011
List of Conference Publications
Acumen: An Open-source Testbed for Cyber-Physical Systems Research
with Walid Taha, Adam Duracz, Yingu Zeng, Kevin Atkinson et al.
Using Rigorous Simulation to Support ISO 26262 Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
with Adam Duracz, Henrik Eriksson, Fei Xu, Yingu Zeng and Walid Taha
PhD thesis: Computer-aided proofs and algorithms in analysis [pdf] (Introduction part) [errata]
supervisor: Prof. Warwick Tucker and Prof. Hans Munthe-Kaas

Master thesis: The global dynamics of state-dependent delayed differential equations [pdf] (in Hungarian)
supervisor: Prof. Tibor Krisztin