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Szabó Péter Gábor: Legtisztább boldogság

Grätzer, G.: Lattice theory - foundation
Grätzer, G.: The congruences of a finite lattice
Barnett, R. A. - Ziegler, M. R.: Applied mathematics for business economics life sciences and social sciences (College mathematics series) (Third edition)
Faires, J. D. - Faires, B. T.: Calculus of one variable (Second edition)
Anton, H.: Calculus (Third edition)
Harshbarger, R. J. - Reynolds, J. J.: Calculus with application
Bermant, A. F. - Aramanovich, I. G.: Mathematical analysis - a brief course for engineering students
Ferguson, G. A.: Statistical analysis in psychology and education (Second edition)
Lial, M. L. - Miller, C. D.: Algebra and trigonometry (Fourth edition)
Johnsonbaugh, R.: Discrete mathematics (Second edition)
Farlow, S. J. - Haggard, G. M.: Calculus and its applications
Smith, K. J.: The nature of mathematics (Fifth edition)
Cohn, D. L.: Measure theory
Larson, R. E. - Edwards, B. H.: Finite mathematics
Larson, R. E. - Edwards, B. H.: Finite mathematics with calculus


Van der Noort, V.: Számtalan szám - egy kocka vallomásai


Fry, H.: A szerelem matematikája - A tökéletes képlet nyomában
Franzén, T.: Gödel nemteljességi tételei - Értelmezések és félreértések
Du Sautoy, M.: A prímszámok zenéje - Miért olyan fontos a matematika egyik megoldatlan problémája?


Poltoratski, A.: Toeplitz Approach to Problems of the Uncertainty Principle
Bollman, M.: Basic Gambling Mathematics - The Numbers Behind The Neon


Kiss, I. Z. - Miller, J. C. - Simon P. L.: Mathematics of Epidemics on Networks - From Exact to Approximate Models
Inaba, H.: Age-Structured Population Dynamics in Demography and Epidemiology
Caraballo, T. - Han, X.: Applied Nonautonomous and Random Dynamical Systems - Applied Dynamical Systems


Buraczewski, D. - Damek, E. - Mikosch, Th.: Stochastic Models with Power-Law Tails - The Equation X = AX + B


Arnold, V. I.: Lectures on Partial Differential Equations
Gilbarg, D. - Trudinger, N. S.: Elliptic Partial Differential Equations of Second Order
Bourchtein, A. - Bourchtein, L.: CounterExamples - From Elementary Calculus to the Beginnings of Analysis
Shiryaev, A. N.: Probability-1
Beineke, J. - Rosenhouse, J.: The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects - Research in Recreational Math
Applebaum, D.: Probability on Compact Lie Groups
Morgan, J. - Tian, G.: The Geometrization Conjecture
Borceux, F.: An Axiomatic Approach to Geometry - Geometric Trilogy I
Imhausen, A.: Mathematics in Ancient Egypt - A Contextual History
Arnold, V. I.: Lectures and Problems - A Gift to Young Mathematicians
Klein, S. T.: Basic Concepts in Data Structures
Schmidt Hansen, J.: GNU Octave - Beginner's Guide
Sapir, Mark V.: Combinatorial Algebra - Syntax and Semantics


Tao, T.: Nonlinear Dispersive Equations - Local and Global Analysis
Tao, T.: Poincaré’s Legacies, Part I: pages from year two of a mathematical blog
Tao, T.: Poincaré’s Legacies, Part II: pages from year two of a mathematical blog
Tao, T.: An Epsilon of Room, II: pages from year three of a mathematical blog
Tao, T.: Compactness and Contradiction
Tao, T.: Expansion in Finite Simple Groups of Lie Type
Tao, T.: Hilbert’s Fifth Problem and Related Topics
Climenhaga, V. - Katok, A.: From Groups to Geometry and Back
DeVos, M. - Kent, D.: Game Theory - A Playful Introduction
Nelson, G. S.: A User-Friendly Introduction to Lebesgue Measure and Integration
Kühnel, W.: Differential Geometry - Curves, Surfaces, Manifolds (3rd Edition)
Kantor, I. - Matousek, J. - Sámal, R.:  Mathematics++ - Selected Topics Beyond the Basic Courses
Roe, J.: Winding Around - The Winding Number in Topology, Geometry, and Analysis
Kot, M.: A First Course in the Calculus of Variations
Sossinsky, A. B.: Geometries
Etingof, P. [et al.]: Introduction to Representation Theory
Schwartz, R. E.: Mostly Surfaces
Grinstead, C. M. - Peterson, W. P. - Snell, J. L.: Probability Tales
Garibaldi, J. - Iosevich, A. - Senger, S.: The Erdős Distance Problem
Torchinsky, A.: Problems in Real and Functional Analysis
Wen, L.: Differentiable Dynamical Systems - An Introduction to Structural Stability and Hyperbolicity
Schwartz, R. E.: Gallery of the Infinite
Csaba B. [et al.]: Proof of the 1-Factorization and Hamilton Decomposition Conjectures
Cooke, R.: It’s About Time - Elementary Mathematical Aspects of Relativity
Kloeden, P. E. - Rasmussen, M.: Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems
Rasmussen, M.: Attractivity and Bifurcation for Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems
Carvalho, A. N. - Langa, J. A. - Robinson, J. C.: Attractors for infinite-dimensional non-autonomous dynamical systems
Kloeden, P. E. - Pötzsche, C.: Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems in the Life Sciences

Ellenberg, J.: Hogy ne tévedjünk - A mindennapi élet rejtett matematikája
Guedj, D.: A papagájtétel
Obádovics J. Gy.: Differenciálszámítás és alkalmazása
Obádovics J. Gy.: Integrálszámítás és alkalmazása
Obádovics J. Gy.: Vektoralgebra; mátrixok, determinánsok; többváltozós függvények
Hargittai B. - Hargittai I.: A marslakók bölcsessége - Saját szavaikkal, megjegyzésekkel
Gazda I. (összeáll.): Einstein és a magyarok
Róka S. (szerk.): Magyar matematikus portrék
Károlyi Zs.: Törd a fejed!
Gelfand, I. M.: A koordinátamódszer
Barrow, J. D.: 100 alapvető dolog a matematikáról és a művészetről, amiről nem tudtuk, hogy nem tudjuk


Seventeen Papers on Analysis (American Mathematical Society Translations - Series 2 / Volume 26)
Prasolov, V. - Solovyev, Y.: Elliptic Functions and Elliptic Integrals
Natanzon, S. M.:  Moduli of Riemann Surfaces, Real Algebraic Curves, and Their Superanalogs
Mackenzie, D.: What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences (Volume 7)
Mackenzie, D.: What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences (Volume 9)
Mackenzie, D.: What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences (Volume 10)
Duda, R.: Pearls from a Lost City - The Lvov School of Mathematics
Kot, M.: A First Course in the Calculus of Variations
Khoshnevisan, D.:  Analysis of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Arnold, V. I.: Experimental Mathematics
Graham, R. - Butler, S.: Rudiments of Ramsey Theory (2nd Edition)
Guth, L.: Polynomial Methods in Combinatorics
Demidov, S. S. - Lëvshin, B. V. (eds.): The Case of Academician Nikolai Nikolaevich Luzin
Steffens, K-G.: The History of Approximation Theory - From Euler to Bernstein
Roberts, S.: Genius At Play - The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway
Evans, C.: Engineering Mathematics - A Programmed Approach, (3rd Edition)
Hoffman, J. D.: Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists (2nd Edition)
de Silva, C. W.: Mechatronics - An Integrated Approach
Anderson, T. L.: Fracture Mechanics - Fundamentals and Applications (3rd Edition)
Bianchi, N.: Electrical Machine Analysis Using Finite Elements
Bodenheimer, P. [et al.]: Numerical Methods in Astrophysics - An Introduction
Dey, D. K. - Ghosh, S. - Mallick, B. K.: Bayesian Modeling in Bioinformatics
Dunn, P. F.: Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering and Science (3rd Edition)
Van Sickle, J.: GPS for Land Surveyors (4th Edition)
Davis, R. A. [et al.]: Handbook of Discrete-Valued Time Series
Horn, R. A. - Johnson, C. R.: Topics in Matrix Analysis
Box-Steffensmeier, J. [et al.]: Time Series Analysis for the Social Sciences
Choi, I.: Almost All about Unit Roots - Foundations, Developments, and Applications
Romik, D.: The Surprising Mathematics of Longest Increasing Subsequences
Godsil, C. - Meagher, K.: Erdős–Ko–Rado Theorems - Algebraic Approaches
Fricain, E. - Mashreghi, J.: The Theory of H(b) Spaces
Paulsen, V. I. - Raghupathi, M.: An Introduction to the Theory of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
Krivelevich, M. [et al.]: Random Graphs, Geometry and Asymptotic Structure
Frieze, A. - Karonski, M.: Introduction to Random Graphs
Franz, U. - Privault, N.: Probability on Real Lie Algebras
Giné, E. - Nickl, R.: Mathematical Foundations of Infinite-Dimensional Statistical Models
Matsumoto, H. - Taniguchi, S.: Stochastic Analysis - Itô and Malliavin Calculus in Tandem
Viana, M. - Oliveira, K.: Foundations of Ergodic Theory
Demyanov, V. F. - Malozemov, V. N.: Introduction to Minimax
de Saint-Gervais, H. P.: Uniformization of Riemann Surfaces
Shioya, T.: Metric Measure Geometry
Noonburg, V. W.: Ordinary Differential Equations - From Calculus to Dynamical Systems
Liu, A.: Arithmetical Wonderland
Nelsen, R. B.: Proofs Without Words III - Further Exercises in Visual Thinking
Boucheron, S. - Lugosi G. - Massart, P.: Concentration Inequalities - A Nonasymptotic Theory of Independence
Srivastava, M. K. - Srivastava, N.: Statistical Inference - Testing of Hypotheses
Srivastava, M. K. - Khan, A. H. - Srivastava, N.: Statistical Inference - Theory of Estimation
Bruckner, A. M. - Bruckner, J. B. - Thomson, B. S.: Real Analysis (2nd Edition)
Lebedev, L. P. - Cloud, M. J.: Approximating Perfection - A Mathematician's Journey into the World of Mechanics
Meiss, J. D.: Differential Dynamical Systems
Bobenko, A. I. - Klein, C.: Computational Approach to Riemann Surfaces
Bárány I. [et al.] - Geometry - Intuitive, Discrete, and Convex - A Tribute to László Fejes Tóth
Foss, S. - Korshunov, D. - Zachary, S.: An Introduction to Heavy-Tailed and Subexponential Distributions
Eisner, T. [et al.]: Operator Theoretic Aspects of Ergodic Theory
Martzloff, J-C.: Astronomy and Calendars – The Other Chinese Mathematics
Strang, G.: Introduction to Linear Algebra (5th Edition)
Schröder, B. S. W.: Mathematical Analysis - A Concise Introduction
Szidarovszky F. - Molnár S.: Introduction to Matrix Theory - With Applications to Business and Economics
Robinson, D. J. S.:  A Course in Linear Algebra with Applications (2nd Edition)
Lee, T. Y.: Henstock–Kurzweil Integration on Euclidean Spaces
Giraitis, L. - Koul, H. L. - Surgailis, D.: Large Sample Inference for Long Memory Processes
Efthimious, C. - Frye, C.: Spherical Harmonics in p Dimensions
Vargas, J. G.:  Differential Geometry for Physicists and Mathematicians - Moving Frames and Differential Forms: From Euclid Past Riemann
Xia, D.: Analytic Theory of Subnormal Operators
Soltan, V.: Lectures on Convex Sets

Moduli of Riemann Surfaces, Real Algebraic Curves, and Their Superanalogs

- See more at: http://bookstore.ams.org/mmono-225#sthash.dwN9zcih.dpuf

Moduli of Riemann Surfaces, Real Algebraic Curves, and Their Superanalogs

- See more at: http://bookstore.ams.org/mmono-225#sthash.dwN9zcih.dpuf
Seventeen Papers on Analysis

Seventeen Papers on Analysis