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Norbert Kalus (Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin): Explorative Computer-Assisted Learning of Partial Differential Equations in a Mixed Group of Students from Mathematics and Engineering – Examples of Classroom Practices

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Csütörtök, 11. Május 2017, 16:00 - 17:00
Abstract. The framework is the Master of Science (MSc) scheme in “Mathematics – Computational Engineering” for “Virtual Product Development”. This course typically comprises 20 students; one half of them hold a BSc degree in Mathematics the other half a BEng degree in Engineering Sciences. One module in this course is “Modelling with partial differential equations using Computer algebra Software Systems”. The required mathematical competencies as well as the required competencies in the application field of engineers have to be taken into account. The students will discover by themselves essential, relevant aspects of partial differential equations in an explorative manner by guided virtual experiments they have to perform with the Mathematica software system®. Examples of teaching practices are presented. It will be reported on the implementation within the curriculum at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, the classroom experiments and the teacher’s role.
Hely : Bolyai Intézet, I. emelet, Riesz terem, Aradi Vértanúk tere 1., Szeged


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