Preserver Weekend in Szeged Workshop (April 12-14, 2019, Szeged, Hungary)


Bolyai Intézet, Szőkefalvi-Nagy terem

2019. április 12-14.

A konferencia programja:


15:55--16:00 Megnyitó

16:00--16:25 A. M. Peralta
Preservers of λ-Aluthge transforms on products

16:35--16:50 M. Cueto-Avellaneda
Extension of isometries on the unit sphere of some spaces of continuous functions

17:00--17:25 Gy. P. Gehér
Isometric embeddings of Wasserstein spaces

17:25--17:50 Kávészünet

17:50--18:15 A. Guterman
Linear maps preserving invariants arising from combinatorial matrix theory

18:25--18:40 P. Shteyner
Matrix majorizations and their preservers

18:50--19:05 Zs. Tarcsay
Maps preserving absolute continuity of positive operators


09:00--09:25 P. Semrl
Endomorphisms of the poset of idempotent matrices

09:35--10:00 J. Hamhalter
Morphisms of von Neumann factors well behaved with respect to commuting elements

10:10--10:35 M. Bohata
Spectral order isomorphisms

10:35--11:00 Kávészünet

11:00--11:25 D. Ilisevic
Surjective linear isometries with finite spectrum

11:35--12:00 C. Costara
Linear maps preserving matrices of local spectral radius zero

12:10--12:35 T. Kania
Yet another preserver of (local) compactness -- maps respecting the compatibility ordering

15:00--15:25 M. Bresar
Zero product determined algebras

15:35--16:00 B. Kuzma
On diameters of commuting graphs

16:10--16:35 M. Orel
Rank-one nonincreasing maps on symmetric matrices over small fields

16:35--17:00 Kávészünet

17:00--17:25 Y.-F. Lin
Preservers on the Schur product

17:35—17:50 P. Szokol
Preserving problems related to different means of positive operators


09:00--09:25 F. J. Fernandez-Polo
Scattered C*-algebras and relatively weakly convex combinations of slices

09:35--10:00 L. Arambasic
On Roberts orthogonality in C*-algebras

10:10--10:35 M. Pálfia
Sturm's law of large numbers for the -Karcher mean of positive operators

10:45--11:00 B. Horváth
Perturbations of homomorphisms of Banach algebras

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