Eljutás az intézetbe

By air:
There is only one airport in Budapest.

By train:
Szeged is the last stop on the train route. From Budapest trains leave from Nyugati Pályaudvar (Nyugati or West Railway Station). If you need to take a train from the airport there are two possibilities:

I. The Budapest-Szeged trains stop at Terminal 1 of the airport. Now all flights arrive to Terminal 2, from where you need to take a taxi (simpler) or a bus #200E.

The bus is designated as 200E. See the departure times for the bus.

Buses leave roughly in every ten minutes and it takes 10 minutes to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. The bus ticket costs 320 HUF and can be bought in a newspaper booth inside the terminal, or from an automat at the bus stop which accepts only coins, or directly from the bus driver in which case it costs 400 HUF. See the Terminal maps. The bus leaves from somewhere in the middle, between Terminals 2A and 2B (they are very close to each other). You have to get off the bus at Terminal 1 (Ferihegy vasútállomás).

You cannot cross the road, but there is a huge pedestrian bridge over the road, you can not miss it. There are elevators, but they work with probability zero, so it is better to take the stairs. There are two railway tracks, you have to go to the one which is further from the road. Go to the very end of the pedestrian bridge and go down the stairs.

Not all the trains stopping there come to Szeged, so make sure that you get on the good one!

There is a ticket machine at the train stops which accepts Forint notes and credit cards as well. There is some chance that the automat is out of order. If you get on the train without a ticket, you can expect considerable penalties.

You need to buy train ticket to Szeged, the prices and the timetable can be found here. Trains leave from the airport to Szeged hourly always at hh:13 minutes, and the travel takes two hours. It is recommended to buy also an InterCity ticket for an extra 360 HUF, for which you will get a fixed seat in a much better compartment. Intercity tickets are issued for specific trains, so you need one for the next train. The InterCity tickets for seat reservation contain the number of the carriage (kocsi in Hungarian) and the number of the seat (hely in Hungarian). Please look for these carriages at the very end of the train. Unfortunately, these instructions only apply if you buy your ticket at a ticket office, as the machine at the airport does not sell Intercity tickets. You can, however, still sit in an Intercity compartment, in which case you have to buy the Intercity ticket from the conductor (in this case it costs 860 Forint)

II. The Budapest-Szeged trains stop also at Kőbánya-Kispest station which can be reached from the airport with the same #200E bus in about 22 minutes. At Kőbánya-Kispest you see a covered pedestrian bridge over the railway tracks, and there is a train ticket office on the bridge.

The online timetable can be found here:
from Budapest Nyugati to Szeged and
from Kőbánya-Kispest to Szeged.