Convex hull

Location, accommodation, travel


The workshop will take place in the Bolyai Institute of the University of Szeged, whose address is Aradi vértanúk tere 1, 6720 Szeged, Hungary.


The suggested hotel for the conference is the Science Hotel. We blocked a number of double rooms at the price of 25000 HUF/ night (single person) or 27000 HUF/night (two people), including breakfast. In order to use the discount, booking must be done before April 15 by directly contacting the hotel at the email address, referring to the Convexity22 conference.

Another hotel that we made arrangements with is Dóm Hotel. Here, a double room costs 23900 HUF/night for a single person and 26900 HUF/night for two people, including breakfast. Reservations should be made directly with the hotel via the email address, referring to the Convexity22 conference.

Further suggested hotels in the Szeged downtown area which are within easy walking distance of the conference venue are listed below.

Participants must make their own reservation directly with the hotel of their choice.

Please note that the organizers are not able to provide funds for the participants' expenses.

We encourage participants to reserve hotel rooms as soon as possible, as this is a busy time in Szeged.

General info

Currency is Hungarian Forint (HUF). 1 EUR ≈ 360 HUF, 1000 HUF ≈ 2.80 EUR.

Climate is continental, and we expect nice early summer weather in May with temperatures around 20-25 °C.

Internet access Good quality wireless EDUROAM service is provided in all university buildings, including the Bolyai Institute. At the venue of the workshop, we will provide temporary login/password data in order to use the wireless network of the Bolyai Institute. Most hotels offer free wireless access for their guests.


By train from Budapest to Szeged

  • Szeged has hourly intercity train service connection to Budapest. All trains to/from Szeged depart/arrive from the Budapest-Nyugati railway station, at .53 past the hour from 5:53 in the morning until 19:53 in the evening. For current departure/arrival times check out the on-line schedule of the Hungarian State Railways.
  • The journey takes about two hours and twenty minutes.
  • The ticket costs ca. 4000 HUF (11 EUR, 2nd class), but it may be substantially cheaper (typically, 2399 Ft) if purchased online or via the smartphone app in advance. Please make sure to purchase an IC supplement and seat reservation (the online "Okosjegy" includes seat reservation).
  • After registration, tickets may be purchased online (
  • EU citizens above 65 years old may use all public transportation in Hungary for free, provided they have a valid ID card.

Once you have arrived to Szeged, you can reach the Bolyai Institute by taking tram 1 or 2 from the railway station to “Aradi vertanuk tere” (3 stops, 3 min, 320 HUF). Another option is a brief, 15-minute stroll to the Institute.

By car from Budapest to Szeged

  • Use navigation to Szeged, Aradi vértanúk tere 1.
  • When arriving from the North, you should take the M5/M43 motorways. Szeged has four exits: Szeged-észak (North) at 159km on M5, Szeged-nyugat (West) at 165km on M5, Szeged-Rókus at 7km on M43, Szeged-Felsőváros at 11km on M43.
  • Please note that all motorways in Hungary are toll roads and users must buy (digital) vignettes before using the motorways. Vignettes are sold at gas stations or may be purchased online.
  • You may find more information on the Hungarian motorway system here .
Parking is fairly easy, there are numerous parking places next to the Institute. Please note that in most of the Szeged downtown area there is a pay parking system in effect: a parking fee applies on working days from 8:00 to 18:00, while parking is free on Saturays and Sundays. Parking ticket vending machines may be found on the streets. For more information on zones and parking fares see this web page.

Most hotels offer parking for their guests. For more details please check with your hotel.

From Liszt Ferenc Airport (BUD) to Szeged

The closest international airport to Szeged is the Franz Liszt International Airport in Budapest which has connections to all major cities worldwide.

There are shuttle services that provide a direct connection between the airport and the city of Szeged. You may find several of these services by a web search. Note that shuttles usually require advance reservation.

The easiest (and cheapest) way to get to Szeged from the Budapest Airport is by train.

  • There are ticket vending machines at Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2. The vending machines accept HUF and credit cards. One single ticket costs 400 HUF (1.10 EUR).
  • Take bus 200E, and get off at “Ferihegy vasútállomás” (Ferihegy train station, 8 min).
  • You will need to walk on the overpass to the track which is farther from the road.
  • At the train station there is a train ticket vending machine where you may purchase a ticket to Szeged. The ticket costs ca. 4000 HUF (11 EUR, 2nd class, without seat reservation), and the journey itself takes about two and half hours. There is a train to Szeged about every hour, from 6:13 in the morning to 20:13 in the evening.
  • Once you have arrived to Szeged, take tram 1 or 2 in front of the railway station, and get off at “Aradi vértanúk tere” (3 stops, 3 min), or simply walk to the Institute.

Local transportation in Szeged

Downtown Szeged is of moderate size and most important locations are within walking distance from all major hotels and the conference venue.

Szeged has an extensive public transport system with four tram lines and numerous bus and electric bus (trolley bus) lines. The train station is connected to downtown by Trams 1 and 2. For current schedule and fares see this web page or use Google maps.

  • Ticket vending machines are located at the main train station and on Aradi vertanuk tere. The vending machines accept HUF and credit cards.
  • One single ticket costs 320 HUF (0.80 EUR), one block of 10 tickets is 3050 HUF (8.50 EUR). You can also purchase a 24-hour ticket for 1040 HUF (2.90 EUR), or a 72-hour ticket for 2600 HUF (7.25 EUR).
  • Transferring between lines requires another ticket to be validated.
  • Note that EU citizens above 65 years old can use all public transportation for free.