Conference on

Dedicated to the 70th Birthday of Béla Csákány

Szeged, July 22--26, 2002


The registration fee is 60 US dollars for participants, and 30 US dollars for accompanying persons. For children under 6 years of age no registration fee is required. The registration fee is to be paid upon arrival. The fee covers organization costs (handouts, abstracts, etc.), tea/coffee during breaks, and includes also the costs of the banquet and the excursion to Ópusztaszer.

The time and location for registration are as follows:

Sunday (July 21), 4:00 -- 10:00 p.m.
Location: Council Hall of the University of Szeged
Address: Dugonics tér 13. (Main building of the University)
See label C on the map of conference cites

Monday (July 22), 9:00 -- 9:55 a.m.
Location: Szeged Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (where the lectures take place)
Address: Somogyi utca 7.
See label L on the map of conference sites

We kindly ask you to use one of the following currencies for paying the registration fee:

HUF (Hungarian Forints),
USD (US Dollars), or
EUR (Euro).

At present the exchange rates are:

1 USD ~ 240-250 HUF
1 EUR ~ 240-250 HUF

In students' hostels you will be asked to pay for your room upon arrival, in Hungarian Forints.

Click here to obtain more information on how to get to the conference sites.

Last modified July 8, 2002