Conference on

Dedicated to the 70th Birthday of Béla Csákány

Szeged, July 22--26, 2002



You can find here some maps that

Abbreviations used on the maps:
L Szeged Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 
Address: Somogyi utca 7. 
-- lectures, 
-- registration Monday morning, 
-- Guest rooms of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
C Council Hall of the University of Szeged 
Address: Dugonics tér 13. 
-- registration Sunday afternoon, 
-- banquet Monday evening
M Department of Mathematics, University of Szeged 
Address: Aradi vértanúk tere 1.
A Students' Hostel Apáthy 
Address: Apáthy utca 4.
H Students' Hostel Herman 
Address: Fürj utca 51.
G Guest House of the University of Szeged 
Address: Liliom u. 10.
R Hotel Royal 
Address: Kölcsey utca 1.
N Novotel Szeged 
Address: Maros utca 1.
R Railway Station Szeged 

MAP 1: Location of all sites above, except Students' Hostel Herman

MAP 2: Location of Students' Hostel Herman

MAP 1T: Tram line 1, and trolley bus line 9 (with relevant stops)

MAP 2T: Tram line 1, and bus line 71 (with relevant stops)

The same ticket is valid for trams, trolley buses and buses. Tickets can be bought in advance (e.g. at the railway station) or from the driver, and have to be validated on board. A separate single ticket is required for each leg of the trip.

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