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Dedicated to the 70th Birthday of Béla Csákány

Szeged, July 22--26, 2002


We assume that most participants will come to Szeged via Budapest.

From Budapest to Szeged by car
--> Road map of Hungary

You can reach Szeged on the National Highway no. 5 (Budapest--Szeged), or on the toll way M5 (Budapest--Kiskunfelegyhaza) which joins near Kiskunfelegyhaza with the National Highway no. 5. The cost of using the toll way is approx. 2700 HUF. If you come by car, please be aware of the fact that in most places in the center of Szeged you can park only with a pre-puchased parking ticket, parking time is often limited, and it is difficult to find parking space.

From Budapest to Szeged by train

If you arrive in Budapest by air or by train, then we recommend that you take a train from Budapest to Szeged. All trains from Budapest to Szeged depart from Railway Station Nyugati. We recommend that you use one of the following direct trains:

departure from Budapest Nyugati arrival to Szeged
6:05 8:58
7:05 IC 9:37
8:05 11:02
10:10 12:58
12:05 15:08
14:05 * 16:58
15:05 IC 17:37
16:05 19:08
17:55 20:57
19:05 IC 21:37

The trains marked with `IC' are InterCity trains. These trains require a supplementary ticket, in addition to an ordinary train ticket. (The supplementary ticket includes seat reservation. First class is non-smoking only.)
The train marked with `*' does not run on Saturday.
Information on additional trains, fares, etc. can be found in the online time table of the Hungarian State Railways.

How to reach Railway Station Nyugati?
--> Map of Budapest

From Budapest to Szeged at night by an airport bus

Hungarian Airlines MALEV runs an airport bus from Budapest to Szeged every night except Saturday. The bus departs from Ferihegy Airport, Terminal 2/A at 10:55 p.m. The fare is 6900 HUF. Tickets and information can be obtained at the MALEV counter in Terminal 2/A.

Getting around in Szeged
--> Map of Szeged

The best way to get around in Szeged is by walking. The means of public transportation in town are trams, trolley buses and buses. The same ticket is valid for each of them. Tickets can be bought in advance (e.g. at the railway station) or from the driver, and have to be validated on board. The same way as in Budapest, a separate single ticket is required for each leg of the trip.

Tickets bought in Budapest are not valid in Szeged, and vice versa.

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