Conference on
Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory

Szeged, Hungary, June 21–25, 2012

On-site registration

Registration will take place at the conference venue (SZAB, Somogyi u. 7) on

We recommend to take advantage of the registration on Wednesday evening in order to avoid long queues on Thursday morning. The registration desk (located on the ground floor) will be open until 17:00 on Thursday. If you arrive only on Friday (or later), then please ask one of the organizers for assistance.

Payment options

The regular registration fee is 18 000 HUF / 60 EUR / 80 USD, and the reduced registration fee (for students and accompanying persons) is 9 000 HUF / 30 EUR / 40 USD. You can pay either in cash or by a debit/credit card.


We kindly ask you to bring the exact amount of cash if possible; we can return change only in HUF. If you pay in EUR or USD, then you will receive an invoice about the corresponding amount in HUF (according to the actual exchange rate). First you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the registration fee in the currency you actually paid, and you will be asked to provide information that you would like to be printed on the invoice (if it is more than just your name). We will prepare the invoice accordingly (showing the amount in HUF), and you will receive it either later that day or on the following day.


On Wednesday and Thursday there will be a POS terminal at the registration desk, allowing you to pay the registration fee by debit or credit card. Note that this option is available only on these two days; if you arrive on Friday or later, then you can only pay in cash. The terminal is the same type as generally used in shops, petrol stations, etc., and the transaction performed counts as a purchase (not as a cash withdrawal). You will receive an invoice about 18 000 HUF (or 9 000 HUF in case of students), and this amount will be charged on your account. The actual sum taken from your account depends on the exchange rate and fees applied by your bank. The following types of cards are accepted: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Electron, American Express. Note that your card must have either a chip or a magnetic stripe (read by the terminal); cards using only the card number and/or a signature for identification will not work.