Conference on
Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory

Szeged, Hungary, June 21–25, 2012

Conference related places

Szeged Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (SZAB)

Address: Somogyi utca 7 (see “SZAB” on the map at the bottom)

This is the conference venue: registration and lectures will take place in this buliding as well as the banquet.


Bolyai Institute (Mathematics Department) of the University of Szeged

Address: Aradi vértanúk tere 1 (see “BI” on the map at the bottom)

You can read and photocopy papers in the library, and some computers with internet connection will be also available.

Bolyai Institute

Franciscan church and monastery

Address: Mátyás square (see “C” on the map at the bottom)

Located in the so-called Lower City (Alsóváros), this recently renovated 500-year-old gothic monument is one of the oldest and greatest medieval building of this kind in Hungary, still retaining its original function. As part of the social program, we are going to have a guided tour in the church and monastery.

Franciscan church and monastery

Votive church (Dóm)

Strictly speaking, this is not really a conference related place (though certainly worth a visit), but this is the landmark to look for: the conference venue is just behind the church, while the Bolyai Institute is on the opposite end of the square (Dóm tér) in front of the church.