CSM - The 7th Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics

Szeged, Hungary, July 3 - July 5, 2024


Accepted abstracts

NameOrganization Title     
Aburub, Leen SZTEMedians of Seven Element Lattices
Aburub, Leen SZTEParallel Tandem Queues
Ágoston, Tamás SZTEMonoidal Intervals on Finite Sets
Bakó‑Szabó, Alexandra SZTEThe distribution of pairs of points from a spherical shell
Balázs, István SZTEA Differential Equation with a State-Dependent Queueing Delay
Basit, Bushra BMEDowker-type Theorems for Disk-Polygons in a Normed Plane
Batta, Gergő Péter DEOn Products of Consecutive Terms from a Second-Order Arithmetic Progression
Benedek, Gábor SZTEAnalytic Verification of Stable Periodic Orbits: a Study on Mackey-Glass Type Equations
Bezdány, Dániel Péter SZTEAsymptotic Behavior of Some Critical Decomposable Multi-type Galton-Watson Processes with Immigration
Blázsik, Zoltán L. RényiThe Connection between the Chromatic Numbers of a Hypergraph and its 1-intersection Graph
Bodor, Bertalan SZTEIntroduction to the World of Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Boldog, Péter WRCP, SZTEModeling Cell Cycle Dynamics in Cell Cultures: Implications for Cancer Therapy in Well Mixed and Spatial Structured Models
Budai, Ádám SZTEAdmissible Extensions of Clifford Semigroups by Inverse Semigroups
Csuma-Kovács, Rita SZTEThe Mathematical Analysis of Transmission Dynamics of Varicella
Dobján, Tibor NJERobust Sequential Probability Ratio Test for the Detection of Acoustic Emission Events
Eper, Miklós BMESome Geometric Aspects of Non-Abelian Hodge Theory
Fazekas, Szuzina SEQuest for a Clinically Relevant Medical Image Segmentation Metric: the Definition and Implementation of Medical Similarity Index.
Ferrero Plaza, Patricia UOOmega-Vector Spaces
Ficzere, Kornélia DEFirst Order Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations Allowing a Given 3-Dimensional Lie Group as a Subgroup of Their Symmetry Group
Gárgyán, Barnabás SZTENon-Diagonal Critical Central Sections of the Cube
Grünfelder, Balázs SZTEOn the Variance of Generalized Random Polygons
Hoang, Thuy SZTEA Price Model with Two Delays
Iftikhar, Fariha BMETriple Row Switch Modifiation of Latin Square
Kása, Emese DEThe Application of APOS Theory and Group Work in Teaching of the Topic of Logarithmic Equations
Khan, Humara BMEAn Efficient algorithm to Compute the Toughness in Graphs with Bounded Treewidth
Korir, Evans Kiptoo SZTESensitivity Analysis of Contact-Related Interventions for Modeling Epidemics
Kovács, Kolos SZTEEMSA: A GPU Optimized Framework for the Sensitivity Analysis of Epidemic Models
Lőrinczi, Ábel BBTETree Representations of Tame Quivers Dm~ and E6~
Máder, Attila SZTEPossible Research Topics in Twenty-First Century Hungarian Mathematics Education
Milošević, Stepan UNSCofinal Types and Topological Groups
Nagy, Kinga SZTEAsymptotics for Random Spherical Disc-Polygons
Papvári, Dániel István SZTEA Central Limit Theorem for Random Disc-Polygons
Pham, Le Bach Ngoc SZTEExistence of a Homoclinic Solution for a Delay Differential Equation
Ruff, István Zalán SZTEIteration of Multiplication and Ceiling Function on the Rationals
Torma, Bence SZTEIllustrating Advanced Learning Materials Related to the Circle in GeoGebra: a Case Study
Torma, Gábor SZTEHow do 7th Grade Students Solve Proportion Problems?
Uhljar, Janka SZTEIntegrating Mathematical Knowledge into Chemistry Laboratory Exercises in High School
Varga, Kristóf SZTEOne-Dimensional Strong Affine Representations of the Polycyclic Monoids
Várkonyi, Viktória SZTESynthetic Population Generation with MCMC Algorithm
Wang, Shanshan BMEHoneycomb Conjecture in Normed Planes and an alpha-Convex Variant of Dowker's Theorem


Szalai, Máté      SZTE
Tekeli, Miklós      SZTE

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