Curriculum vitae

Personal data:
Name: Tamás Waldhauser
Date of birth: 1975.02.08.
Place of birth: Komló, Hungary
Employment: Bolyai Institute, University of Szeged, assistant professor
1993-1998 Mathematics Masters Program, University of Szeged
1998-2001 Mathematics Ph.D. Program, University of Szeged
2000 Technische Universität Dresden (one semester with Erasmus Grant)
2000-2003 Mathematics Ph.D. Program, University of New Hampshire
1998 M.Sc. in Mathematics (degree with honours), University of Szeged
2004 Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of New Hampshire
2008 Ph.D. in Mathematics (summa cum laude), University of Szeged
1997 National Scientific Student Conference, 2nd Prize
1997 Distinguished Student of the University of Szeged
2002-2003 Dissertation Fellowship, University of New Hampshire
2005 Géza Grünwald Commemorative Prize (Bolyai János Mathematical Society)