This simple applet can help checking if a given transformation monoid (on a set of at least 3 elements) is collapsing in the lattice of clones. You can also run this program in command line mode if you save the CollapsingMonoid.jar file and in that directory you run "java -jar CollapsingMonoid.jar".

You have to type in your input into the following field. Elements are numbered from 0 till size-1. A transformation is a sequence of elements (without spaces) of size size. A monoid is a sequence of transformations separated by spaces. For example, to check if the transformation monoid defined on the set {0,1,2} containing the identity operation, the constants and the operation f(0)=0, f(1)=2, f(2)=0 is collapsing, simply type

012 000 111 222 020
into the next input area. Be careful, the program does not check if the given set of transformations is a monoid or not. The output is a nontrivial binary operation in the stabilizer of the monoid, if it exists. We know, that such operation exists on a set of at least 3 elements if and only if the monoid is not collapsing.