Miklós Maróti

Bolyai Institute
University of Szeged
Aradi vértanúk tere 1.
6720 Szeged, Hungary

room: 137, phone: +36-62-54-4082

University of Szeged

Hallgatói információk Publications Applets Vitae

Universal Algebra, Lattice Theory, Complexity Theory, Logic and Combinatorics
Embedded Systems, Sensor Networks, Middleware Services and Localization

Lecture notes on the constraint satisfaction problem.
Some java applets for universal algebraic calculations.
Also check out the universal algebra calculator by R. Freese and E. Kiss.

List of open problems:
Collaborators Ralph McKenzie, my graduate adviser at Vanderbilt University.
Ágnes Szendrei, my undergraduate adviser at the University of Szeged.
Jaroslav Ježek and Petar Marković, whom I shared an apartment with.
Ákos Lédeczi, who introduced me to wireless sensor networks research at ISIS.
WWW sites
Mathematics Teaching
Algebra szeminárium
Problems of the Miklós Schweitzer Memorial Competition
Math links at Szeged (in Hungarian)
Universal algebra links (Keith Kearnes), Online books (Friedrich Wehrung)
Hobby space, Political quiz, Richard Lipton's blog
Best wideos on the web (time, motivation, language, police, levitation, procrastinating, creativity, persuasion)
Interesting: Inbox zero, Middle class
Physics education applets, Fluid dynamics, Types project

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