Krámli András


Address: A. Krámli
JATE Bolyai Institute
Aradi vértanúk tere 1.
Szeged, Hungary

Phone: ++36 62-544-097 (office)
++36 62-319-025 (home)

Fax: ++36 62-426-246

Position: professor (egyetemi tanár)


Scientific degrees:

'Candidate' of Mathematical Science (PhD) (1973)
'Doctor' of Mathematical Science (1991)

Fields of interest:

Statistical Physics, Ergodic Theory

Motto: Look Andrash, there are everywhere phase transitions!
Ya. G. Sinai

Main publications: (all publications with citations)

A remark to a paper of L. Schmetterer.
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Geodesic Flows on Riemannian Surfaces without Focal Points.
In Russian.
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On the solution of optimal performance storage hierarchies with
an independent reference string.
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On the convergence of the Lorentz gas to the equilibrium.
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coauthor(s): Szász D.
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