My Scandinavian journey in the LUMA project

Gothenburg, Sweden, 21 April 2002

A typical Swedish street A typical Swedish house An evening view towards the Götaplatsen Götaplatsen, front view Götaplatsen, back view

Gothenburg, Department of Mathematics, 22 April 2002

The entrance of the department My temporary office for 2 days The computer room Entrance to the computer central The coffee bar, a very nice place

View from the balcoon of the coffee bar A nice corner for conversation and learning The library of the department

Gothenburg, sightseeing with Lennart and Jan-Erik, 22 April 2002

Jan-Erik and Lennart The sea I. The sea II. The sea with myself The way back from the sea to Gothenburg

An ancient square in the downtown The new opera house The harbour I. The harbour II. A battleship

The downtown

Oulu, Finland, 24 April 2002

In front of the university. In April there is still snow Lassi and Lennart in the main hall A hall Keijo and his office The library of the department

The message board A lecture room English language lecture in advanced analysis Tutors helps to the others Conversation with the students

A corridor with computers Paper industry is relevant in Finland Downtown A street in the downtown Towards the harbour

The harboor Ancient Finnish houses used for storage A nice evening in a restaurant

In the airplane, 25 April 2002

Sweden Above the sea (perhaps) The Netherlands

Back in Szeged, 26 April 2002

The Klauzál square

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