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Curriculum Vitae

János Barát
Place and date of birth:
Budapest, 19.12.1973.
Mother's name:
Ágnes Hajdu dr.
Father's name:
János Barát
Secondary School:
Radnóti Miklós Kísérleti Gimnázium. Szeged
JATE (József Attila University of Science). Szeged
Present profession:
3rd year PhD-student
Previous scholarships in foreign countries:

- 1991/92. De Geerskolan. Norrköping
- 1996. September-1997. February. Danish Technical University. Copenhagen
- 1997. September-1998. June. University of Ghent, Belgium
- 1999. September. University of Ghent, Belgium
Mathematical competition results in Hungary:

- 5th place on the `Arany Dániel' mathematical competition. 1990.
- 7-10th place on the `Kömal' mathematical competition. 1988-1992.
- 2nd place on the `Szokefalvi-Nagy Gyula' mathematical competition. 1988-1991.
Mathematical competition results in Sweden:

- 4th place on the `Svenska Dagbladet' mathematical competition. 1991.
- 2nd place on the `Nordic Mathematical Competition'. 1992.
- Member of the Swedish Olympic team on the `XXXIII. International Mathematical Olympics' in Moscow. 1992.
Participating on Conferences:

- 1996. International Colloquium on Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Balatonlelle
- 1996. Winter School on Information and Coding Theory, Mölle
- 1997. 16th British Combinatorial Conference, London
- 1997. International Colloquium on Extremal Graph Theory, Balatonlelle
- 1998. Conference for Doctorate Students in Mathematics, Szeged
- 1999. Paul Erdos and his Mathematics Conference, Budapest
- 1999. 17th British Combinatorial Conference, Canterbury, Kent
Courses, Schools:

- 1998. Intensive course on Galois Geometry and Generalized Polygons, Ghent
- 1999. Summer School on Methods of Discrete Mathematics, Braunschweig
- 1999. Socrates Intensive Programme, ``Finite Geometries and Their Automorphisms'', Potenza

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Janos Barat