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Links that I find or have found important, interesting or funny ...

Current events


Free mathematics software for learning, teaching and demonstrating (mainly) geometry.
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Enter a sequence, word, or sequence number and it will recognize if it is known at all.
The Prime Pages
Prime number research, records and resources.
Provides Maxima online, a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions.
True Random Number Service
Offers true random numbers coming from atmospheric noise.
Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section
Everything about the subject one ever want to know.
Xah Lee Web
An intellectual excursion in math, programing, visual arts, and humanities.
Erich's Packing Center
Little text and many thoughtful pictures about results and problems of packing, covering and tiling, plus some related areas of discrete mathematematics.

Dissemination of science

Physics animations
PelletierPhysics's channel full with good presentations of physical theories and experiments.
Principles of NMR and MRI
Paul Callaghan lectures on the principles of NMR and MRI in a series of 10 short videos.
Vilmos Totik shows some nice example of mathematical impossibility. (3 parts in hungarian)

Against the forgery of science

"To call a king "Prince" is pleasing, because it diminishes his rank."  -  Blaise Pascal ("Pensées", 1670; "Thoughts")

Az alternatív tudományok „Kész átverés show”-ja
Worryingly, our environment is flooded by products and services based on "evidences" of dubious credibility.
A homeopátia számokban
There is very much nothing in it.
Vesztésre áll a tudomány az ezotériaiparral szemben
It seems nowadays that haze is covering Enlightenment that was wellcomed by Kant in 1784 by the words: "The Enlightenment of man is the coming out from self-inflicted infancy." As if we were no longer listening to the voice of Horace "SAPE Aude! - Dare to be wise! "
Kiosztották az igNobel-díjakat
Some studies have been again awarded the igNobel Prize.
Improbable Research
Improbable Research, that makes people LAUGH and then THINK.
Scientific wine tasting
Little scene of humor performed by László Kazal.

About the scientific publication

Have you had a paper rejected lately?
Some ideas that were rejected. They make you feel better.
Bad Research As Spam
Bad research is like spam email: they must be dealed with, although it is useless.
Reviewing crappy journal submissions
It is not about bad papers; It is about junk.
Who pays for conference reviews?
Responsibility to write detailed reviews on papers that are clearly in the "Hail Mary" category is small, but still they have to be read, and that takes time.
Introduction to Journals
Most of the output from mathematical research ends up in a mathematical journal. However, there is a multitude of such journals, and it can be hard to know which ones are most useful.
Tips for Authors
How (or how not) to write a paper.


Some taken not so long ago.
Pages of my son.
Blog: LevexBlog One of his JAVA-project, in which I help him in some rare times.falling-sand-levex. On the Ludum Dare , the regular accelerated game development Event, site: Levex
Lions: we serve
I was one the charter members of the szegedien Lions Club in 2001 called "Szeged Első Lions Club" (Szeged First Lions Club), and ever since I am a member of the association.


Is the moon a disc or a sphere?
The interview by the local journal appeared on Nov. 4, 2010. Altenative link printed version
The math of tomography
I was interviewed by a local television for "Innovízió". Altenative link


You Might be a Mathematician if ...
This page tells if you’re really a pure mathematician.
Dulled maths presented as songs. Do not miss the video!
Logic games mainly from wood.
Tetris effect
The Tetris effect occurs when people devote sufficient time and attention to an activity that it begins to overshadow their thoughts, mental images, and dreams.
Jobs rated
Many may be surprised, but the ones who understand math know that it should be the best work. :-)
The best online cyclogrph. :-)