Erdős Centennial

Published on 2013. július 04. csütörtök, 21:44

In confectionery with uncle Erdős Pali.

This week, the mathematicians commemorate with a major conference on the centennial of Paul Erdős.

I was a high school student when I met him in a summer math camp. He invited the participants to an ice cream and while we licked the ice cream and were laughing at eahc other's jokes, he fell asleep at the table. However, when we started to talk about mathematics, he suddenly woke up, and as if he had been awake in the meantime he entered on us to solve the problem posed. This was such a surprise for all of us that even today, 35 years later, I remember well the moment. Unfortunately, I can not remember the problem we considered ...

Here is a lecture of him at which he is just like I remember him.

More materials about him can be found at Conference's media page.

...and a joke that did not make to appear on the Conference's Madia Page.