Szeged (Hungary), August 10-14, 1999


The Bolyai Institute of Szeged University (Szeged, Hungary) and the Szeged Branch of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are organizing the Sixth Colloquium on the Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations in Szeged, August 10-14, 1999.

Scientific programme. The conference will start on August 10 (Tuesday) in the morning. (The participants are expected to arrive on August 9.) The programme will consists of 50-minute plenary lectures, half-an-hour invited lectures and 15-minute short communications in sessions. So far the following invited speakers have confirmed their participation: O. Anashkin, O. Arino, Z. Artstein, T. A. Burton, C. Corduneanu, Z. Dosla, M. Drakhlin, E. Fasangova, M. Feckan, T. Furumochi, J. Haddock, U. an der Heiden, J. Hofbauer, W. Huang, J. Kato, I. Kiguradze, W. Langford, B. Lani-Wayda, X. Liu, E. Lytsin, J. Mawhin, S. Murakami, F. Neuman, P. Polacik, P. Pucci, M. Sambandham, S. Schwabik, G. Sell, H. Smith, A. Somolinos, R. Srzednicki, J. Wu, F. Zanolin, B. Zhang.

The language of the Colloquium is English.

The participants who want to present a paper at the Colloquium are kindly asked to send a half page abstract typed on an 8 1/2'' x 5 1/2'' (21 cm x 14 cm) plain paper with 1'' (2.5 cm) margins on all four sides. The title has to be in capital letters followed by the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s). The abstract will be collected in a booklet to be distributed among the participants at arrival.

The conference proceedings are planned to be published in electronic form on the World Wide Web pages of the Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations in a separate volume. Papers for this volume are to be submitted in English in DVI format (together with any figures if applicable) by September 30, but it would be a help for us to get most of them during the conference. All papers will be refereed. Except for written versions of plenary talks, papers should embody new results with proofs, where appropriate. All papers should correspond to the Mathematical Reviews rule of reviewing proceedings of conferences (see Editorial Statement in MR 98a, for example), namely, they should include the following sentence on their first page: "This paper is in final form and no version of it will be submitted for publication elsewhere".

Those who wish to use overhead projectors for their talk are requested to bring along ready-made transparent sheets.

Social and cultural events. All registered participants and accompanying persons are invited

Registration. Every participant has to pay registration fee, which is $ 75 before April 30 (preregistration) and $ 95 thereafter. For accompanying persons (except children under 6 years of age) the registration fee is $ 30. The fee is to cover organization costs (handouts, the booklet of abstracts, a special filter to see the solar eclipse, etc.), and includes also the costs of the banquet and the excursion.

All participants are kindly asked to complete and return the enclosed Registration and Order Form by e-mail or traditional mail (e-mail preferred) before April 30. Please let me know if you need a hard copy of this Second Announcement and/or the Registration and Order Form. You can download the Second Announcement and the Registration and Order Form in TeX format too.

Accommodation. Reservations are handled by the Travel Agency CONGRESS & HOBBY SERVICE. Their offer ranging from student's hostels to a 3-star hotel - with a short description of the location and the services of the ho(s)tel as well as the room prices - can be found on the Registration and Order Form.

You can book your room by indicating your choice on the Registration and Order Form and sending a deposit of US $ 20 for a (student's or youth) hostel, and US $ 50 for a hotel. Several rooms in Student's Hostel "Herman" will be reserved for those participants who are not able to send a deposit. For the remaining three ho(s)tels reservations not accompanied by a deposit will not be accepted.

Payment. Payment of the registration fee and ho(s)tel deposit is to be made by a money order/certified cheque in USD only made payable to


(please do NOT include the name of any organizer), or by a bank transfer to

name of bank: Postabank és Takarékpénztár Rt.
address of bank: Széchenyi tér 17, Szeged, Hungary, H-6720
account number: 02600716-01410134
to: JATE Szeged (DIFFEQU)

Please make sure that the abbreviation "DIFFEQ" identifying the conference is not omitted. If necessary, the registration fee can be paid upon arrival. No personal cheques will be accepted. Hungarian participants, please read the enclosure too.

Cancellations and refunds. Please let the Organizing Committee know all changes and cancellations as soon as possible so that we could take them into account in organizing the programme.

If you cancel your participation (by e-mail or by letter) then you will get a refund of (part of) your payment as follows: If your cancellation is received

Acknowledging receipt. We will acknowledge the receipt of your Registration and Order Form and the receipt of your payment. If you pay by bank transfer and send your Registration and Order Form by e-mail, then - instead of sending a copy of the bank transfer - it is enough if you indicate the important data of the transfer (date, name of bank, etc.).

Your request for ho(s)tel reservation will be passed on to CONGRESS & HOBBY SERVICE; if your reservation is accepted as indicated by you, then no further confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you.

Boarding. There will be no organized meals. A list of restaurants near the lecture rooms will be recommended where you can order a la carte. At present, lunch or dinner costs about 600-800 Fts in a moderate restaurant, and about 300-400 Fts at the university restaurant. [US $ 1 ~ 230 Fts (Hungarian Forints).]

Registration and Order Form April 30
Preregistration fee, ho(s)tel deposit April 30
Abstracts May 15
Cancellation of preregistration and of accommodation July 15

Visa can be obtained at any Hungarian Embassy or Consulate. Those coming by plane or by car can get a visa when arriving in Hungary; however, this possibility does not apply to passengers coming by train. No visa is needed for holders of passports of most European and North-American countries.

The 3rd announcement of the conference containing detailed travel information will be sent in July.

Szeged, March 1, 1999

László Hatvani
Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Mailing address:

To: L. Hatvani
Address: Bolyai Institute, Aradi vértanúk tere 1.
H-6720 Szeged, Hungary
Tel./Fax: (36)-(62)-426-246