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Tuesday, 26 July 2016
The Béla Kerékjártó Geometry Seminar
Scope: This seminar was started in the spring semester of 2003 by F. Fodor and G. Nagy at the Department of Geometry of the Bolyai Institute. The scope of the seminar is geometry and related fields in its most general sense.  The organizers usually invite 2-3 leading researchers per semester who give talks about the current state of the field providing up-to-date information on varoius geometry related subjects. In addition, advanced graduate students are also welcome to present their most current research results in this seminar.  

Time and Place: Time and place of the next seminar is always advertised on this web page, on posters on the Insitute's bulletin boards and in electronic mail. Talks are schedule to fit the speaker's and the Institute's schedule.  If you want to be on the seminar's email list please send a message to fodorf@math.u-szeged.hu or nagyg@math.u-szeged.hu.

Social Events: Following each seminar talk, particiants are invited for an informal chat with the speaker. Coffee, tea and cookies are served in the lecture hall.

Speakers: If you are interested in givng a talk or have a suggestion for a speaker, please send an e-mail message to either fodorf@math.u-szeged.hu or nagyg@math.u-szeged.hu.

We look forward to seeing you at the next seminar.

The Organizers

Ferenc Fodor
Gábor Nagy
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