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Friday, 29 July 2016
Student Scientific Activities
The Bolyai Institute supports the early scientific work of mathematically gifted students by providing tutoring, mentoring and by participation in the national network of competitions/conferences organized by the Council of National Scientific Students’ Associations (OTDT). Motivated students have the opportunity to do research in areas of expertise of faculty members of the Institute. Traditionally, such early scientific activity is strongly encouraged and it is considered an integral part of one's mathematical career. The national organization  Council of National Scientific Students’ Associations organizes the nationwide National Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations (OTDK), where students may present their research findings. The Conference awards various prizes which carry great prestige in the Hungarian mathematical community. Students may enter the competition with a paper which is carefully peer reviewed and presented as a conference talk. A committee consisting of experts of the particular subject area decides the ranking by taking into acount both the written evaluations and the speaker's perfomance. The Bolyai Insitute has always been one of the most active mathematical centres in Hungary including the number of students winning prizes at the Conference.

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