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Wednesday, 27 July 2016
Miklós Schweitzer Mathematical Competition
This competition has been organized regularly by the János Bolyai Mathematical Society every fall semester since 1949. The Miklós Schweitzer Mathematical Competition is unique in the sense that eligible participants' age covers a wide range from high school studenst to freshly graduated university students. The mathematical quality of the proposed exercises is very high and prizes carry a lot of prestige in the Hungarian mathematical community.  Usually, 10-12 exercises are posed and the participants have ten days to solve them. Since the problems are very diffcult, use mathematical literature is allowed. A detailed report with the solutions of the posed questions and the winners of prizes is published in the Matematikai Lapok journal of the Society.

The exercises posed in the Miklós Schweitzer Mathematical Competitions from 1949 through 1991 can be found in the following two books.

-Contests in higher mathematics 1949-1961, Akadémiai kiadó. Budapest,  Hungary. Editorial Board: G. Szász, L. Gehér, L. Kovács, L. Pintér

-Contests in higher mathematics 1962-1991, Springer, Editor: Gábor J. Székely

Problems of the Miklós Schweitzer Memorial Competition
Schweitzer prizes won by students and members of the Bolyai Institute