March, 17, 2011

General information for Applicants to the

Doctoral (Graduate) School of Mathematics and Computer Science,

University of Szeged, Hungary


In case of Hungarian training, the same conditions apply for all EU citizens. Otherwise, especially in case of applicants outside from the European Union, we cannot offer any scholarship, and the tuition fee is 10,000.- Euro/year (ten thousand Euros per year), to be paid in advance.

We cannot accept all applications. Before decision, we consider the following questions:  

(a) does our mathematics match the scientific interest and the plans of the applicant?

(b) do we have a professor with free capacity in the targeted research field?

(c) are the applicant’s previous studies and skills (and mathematical results) competitive with that of other applicants?

In case someone is interested, we will examine his/here possible application in details. In this case, the applicant is requested to send (or res-end) us, via email (to the administrator of the School of Mathematics), his CV, study records, letters of recommendations, and any other documents that give us an impression about his mathematical abilities. Notice that the competition is tight since several applicants have published (or accepted) papers in international mathematical journals refereed by the Mathematical Reviews or Zentralblatt. Note also that some applicants have successfully participated in international mathematical competitions. All applicants are expected to send (or re-send) us the details about their ideas what sort of mathematics they plan to work in.

To obtain information which branches of mathematics are researched in Szeged and how to contact us, our web site

gives some information. Although the opening page is mostly in Hungarian, there are three ways to extract some information from this web site in English .

If the documents we receive via email look promising, (a) and (b) are fulfilled, and (c) looks promising, then the applicant is invited to an oral entrance examination in Szeged. Entrance examination is usually held only once a year (in the second half of June), and therefore the final deadline for application is usually in the first half of May. The fee of the entrance examination is approximately 30 euros.

Decision will be made only after the oral entrance examination.