By air

The closest international airport to Szeged is the Franz Liszt International Airport in Budapest (Budapest Airport or Ferihegy Airport are its old names) which has connections to all major cities worldwide.

The Franz Liszt International Airport has a train connection to Szeged. All inter city trains between Budapest and Szeged stop at the Ferihegy Airport railway stop. For current departure/arrival times check out the on-line schedule of the Hungarian State Railways.

Practical advice on how to get the Ferihegy railway stop from Terminals 2A and 2B and where to buy train tickets:

The Ferihegy Airport railway stop is located at Terminal 1 of the Budapest ariport. If you arrive to Terminal 2A or 2B, then you must take Bus 200E to Terminal 1 for the train stop. You will need to buy a single ticket for the bus. Bus tickets can be purchased from a ticket machine at the bus stop or from the driver.

Please note that unfortunately there is no train ticket office at the Ferihegy Airport railway stop. Train tickets are sold at the Information Desk inside the Terminal 1 building between 9 am and 10 pm. You must have a valid ticket on the train so you should buy it before departure at the Information Desk at Terminal 1.

By car

From the North: take the M5/M43 motorways. Szeged has four exits: Szeged-észak (North) at 159km on M5, Szeged-nyugat  (West) at 165km on M5, Szeged-Rókus at 7km on M43, Szeged-Felsőváros at 11km on M43. 

You may find more information on the Hungarian motorway system here. Please note that most motorways are toll roads and users must buy vignettes before using the motorways. Vignettes are sold at gas stations.

By train

Szeged has hourly inter city train service connection to Budapest. All trains to/from Szeged arrive/depart from the Budapest-Nyugati railway station. For current departure/arrival times check out the on-line schedule of the Hungarian State Railways.

Public Transportation in Szeged

Szeged has an extensive public transport system with four tram lines and numerous bus and electric bus (trolley bus) lines. The train station is connected to downtown by Trams 1 and 2. For current schedule and fares see this web page.

Downtown Szeged is of moderate size and most important locations are within walking distance from all major hotels and the conference venue.


Please note that in most of the Szeged downtown area there is a pay parking system in effect. For more information on zones and parking fares see this web page. Most hotels offer parking for their guests. For more details check with your hotel.