The conference will take place at the Szeged Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Somogyi u. 8, located in the city center next to the cathedral. There are several hotels in walking distance (see the map) including:

HotelDistancePrice range
Hotel Dóm ****100 m60 - 121 EUR
Hotel Novotel ****1000 m65 - 120 EUR
Hotel Forrás ***1000 m38 - 124 EUR
Tisza Hotel ***500 m41 - 120 EUR
Luxus Apartmanház800 m30 - 67 EUR
Hotel Korona **500 m46 - 92 EUR
Apáthy Student Hostel200 m12 - 24 EUR

The Hotel Royal is currently under renovation, and will not open before the conference starts.

Note, that all hotels charge a tourist tax of 1.2 Euros per night in addition to their published room prices, and in some of the hotels there is an extra charge for the use of the air-conditioning (AC) system. You can make your own arrangements with the hotels directly, or you can choose to book one of the following types of rooms through the company C&T Hungary by filling out the online accommodation form. This allows you to pay both the registration fee and the accommodation costs with a single bank transaction, and get a guaranteed price independent of the exchange rate.

Hotel Facilities SmokingSpecial rate
Hotel Dóm **** breakfast, sauna, AC, taxesparking no (yes in 2 rooms)89 EUR106 EUR
Hotel Novotel **** breakfast, AC, taxes, parking no76 EUR89 EUR
Tisza Hotel *** breakfast, AC, taxesparking no76 EUR89 EUR
Hotel Korona ** breakfast, taxesAC 8 EUR/day no52 EUR70 EUR
Apáthy Student Hostel taxesparking no14 EUR24 EUR

Last updated on March 29, 2007.
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