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Szeged, July 4--8, 2005

 Travel Information 

 Transportation in Budapest 

To travel in Budapest by subway or bus or tram, you will need a pre-purchased ticket which can be bought in ticket booths near the entrance of each subway station. At the airport and larger subway stations there are ticket machines which display instructions in English. They may require exact change, though. A separate single ticket is required for each leg of the trip. If you travel by subway and change lines, it is cheaper to buy a transfer ticket rather than use two single tickets.

 by Airport Minibus:  Tickets and information can be obtained at the designated counter in the baggage claim area or arrival area of the airport. Tickets cost approx. 9 Euros per person to any destination in Budapest.

 by `REPTÉR' bus:  The stop of `REPTÉR' bus at the airport is on the sidewalk where the building of Terminal 2/A adjoins the building of Terminal 2/B. The final stop of the `REPTÉR' bus is Railway Station `Kőbánya-Kispest'. This is a small station where each train to Szeged stops, about 10-15 minutes after departure from `Nyugati'. At `Kőbánya-Kispest' you can buy a ticket and can take each of the direct trains to Szeged from the timetable below.

 by metro:  From Railway Station `Kőbánya-Kispest' you can get to Railway Station `Nyugati' by subway (blue metro line: M3) and take the train to Szeged from there. If you arrive at Railway Station `Déli' by train, then you can take the subway to `Nyugati': first take the red metro line (M2) to `Deák tér', and then the blue line (M3) to `Nyugati'. If you arrive at Railway Station `Keleti', then due to recent reconstruction of the red metro line you cannot go directly to `Deák tér' by metro. So instead of taking metro, take the metro substitute bus M2 between `Keleti' and `Deák tér'. Then use the blue metro (M3) from `Deák tér' to get to `Nyugati'.

 by taxi:  Suggested only for tough negotiators. Whatever your destination is, fix the price of the whole drive with the driver ahead. A taxi drive between the airport and the raiway station `Nyugati' should not cost more than 20 Euros.

On the web page bptaxi you find a list with the names and phone numbers of the largest taxi companies in Budapest. If you need to take taxi, we recommend you to choose a company from the list and call it. Most of their dispatchers speak English, not all of them though.

 Transportation between Budapest and Szeged 

 by train:  All trains from Budapest to Szeged depart from Railway Station `Nyugati'. All trains from Szeged to Budapest arrive at Railway Station `Nyugati'. There are two kinds of trains operating between Szeged and Budapest, regular and InterCity (`IC') trains. The `IC' trains require a supplementary ticket for seat reservation, in addition to a regular train ticket. (All trains have designated carriages for smoking.) Note that you need to pay in Hungarian Forints for a train ticket at the booking-offices.

One-way prices:

 Regular train   2000 HUF (8 EUR, 2nd class only) 
 IC train   2500 HUF (10 EUR, 2nd class)
 3500 HUF (14 EUR, 1st class, non-smoking only)
 Seat reservation   500 HUF (2 EUR) 

Time tables:

 Budapest `Nyugati' - Szeged 
 Leave  Arrive  
 06:05  09:09  
 06:35  08:49  IC
 08:05  10:47  
 09:35  11:49  IC
 11:05  13:47  
 12:35  14:49  IC *
 14:05  16:47  
 15:35  17:49  IC
 17:05  19:52  
 18:35  20:49  IC
 20:15  23:03  
 The train marked with `*' does not run on Saturday.
 Szeged - Budapest `Nyugati' 
 Leave  Arrive  
 05:20  08:02  
 06:45  08:58  IC
 07:22  10:02  
 09:45  11:58  IC
 11:20  13:59  
 12:45  14:58  IC *
 14:20  16:59  
 15:45  17:58  IC
 17:20  20:00  
 18:45  20:58  IC
 19:26  22:02  
 The train marked with `*' does not run on Saturday.

 by C&T minibus:  To see the details click on C&T minibus. On the same web page the participants of the Novi Sad conference find information about minibus transportation between Szeged and Novi Sad, as well.

 by car:  You can reach Szeged on the National Highway no. 5 (Budapest--Szeged), or on the toll way M5 (Budapest--Kiskunfelegyhaza) which joins near Kiskunfelegyhaza with the National Highway no. 5. The cost of using the toll way is approx. 6 Euros (4 day sticker). If you come by car, please be aware of the fact that in most places in the center of Szeged you can park only with a pre-purchased parking ticket, parking time is often limited, and it is difficult to find parking space

 Transportation in Szeged 

The means of public transportation in town are trams, trolley buses and buses. The same ticket is valid for all of them. Tickets can be bought in advance in Szeged (e.g. at the railway station) or onboard from the driver. In both cases tickets have to be validated onboard. Weekly passes are also avalaible at the ticket booths.

If you drive a car in Szeged, please be aware of the fact that in most places in the center of Szeged you can park only with a pre-purchased parking ticket, parking time is often limited, and it is difficult to find parking space. However, parking in Szeged is free from 17:00 to 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, and all the time on Saturday and Sunday. Moreover, you can always find a free parking place in a 10-15 minute walking distance from the conference site.


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