Supported by the Paul Erdõs Summer Research Center of Mathematics

Budapest, July 2--13, 2001


The dormitory and the House of Professors of the Technical University of Budapest -- where most participants will stay during the workshop -- are in the same building (though the dormitory and the House of Professors have different entrances). The common address is:

Martos Flóra Kollégium, Budapest XI., Stoczek u. 5/7. H-1111

We describe how to use the public transportation system in Budapest to move between some important points in the city, like the above place of accommodation, and the Mathematical Institute. This information can be used on arrival and on departure, too. You may wish to download and print the map at


There is also an online, searchable map available on


Getting around in Budapest

To travel by subway or bus or tram, you will need a pre-purchased ticket which can be bought near the entrance of each subway station. At the airport there are ticket machines, but they require exact change.

It may be much cheaper to buy a two week pass than to use single tickets every time you take a tram, bus, or subway while you are in Budapest. If you want to purchase a two week pass, please bring along a photo of size 4cm x 4cm.

There is an important tram line that you may use quite frequently, and we now describe it. Here are the stops:

1. Deák tér (adjacent to Erzsébet tér) -- terminal stop.
2. Astoria (near this stop is the Mathematical Institute)
3. Kálvin tér
4. Fővám tér (after this stop you cross the Danube)
5. Gellért tér
6. Bertalan Lajos utca (a 6 minute walk from this stop is the dormitory and the House of Professors).
7. ...
8. ...

You can travel with trams 47 or 49 along this line in both directions. ("tér" means square, "utca" means street.)

In particular, to get to the dormitory or the House of Professors, please get off tram 47 or 49 at Bertalan Lajos utca. You have to follow the street Bertalan Lajos utca, which is perpendicular to the tram lines (its direction is roughly to the East, and it goes downhill). You cross two streets (Kende utca, Budafoki út), and the third crossing is Stoczek utca. Here turn right, and then walk about 30 meters on Stoczek utca to find the entrance. The entire walk is approximately 400 meters long. Please see the sketch "map.ps".



then the easiest way to get anywhere in the city is to take the Airport Mini Bus (advertised at the baggage claim area). It costs 1800 Fts/person (approx. $6) to any destination in Budapest.

A less expensive option is to take an Airport - Centrum Shuttle Bus, which runs every 30 minutes to Erzsébet tér in downtown. Tickets are available on the bus for 800 Fts/person (approx. $2.65). From Erzsébet tér you can take tram 47 or 49 above to either the dorm or the Institute. (It is short enough to walk from Erzsébet tér to the Institute.)

The cheapest option is to take a city bus (line: red 93, in direction: center) to the terminal `railway station Kőbánya--Kispest', then the subway to `Kálvin tér'. From Kálvin tér you can take tram 47 or 49 above to either the dorm or the Institute. (It is short enough to walk from Kálvin tér to the Institute.)


then you can take the subway from all railway stations. From `Nyugati' you can go to Deák tér or Kálvin tér to reach the line of the trams 47 and 49. From `Déli' or `Keleti' you can go directly to Astoria or to Deák tér. For the rest of the trip you can follow the instructions in the preceding paragraphs.


then please be aware of the fact that in most places in downtown (including the neighborhood of the Institute, but not including the neighborhood of the dormitory) you need small change to pay for parking (currently around 140 Fts/hour), the maximum parking time is severely limited (usually to two hours), and it is difficult to find an empty slot. In the neighborhood of the dormitory you do not have to pay, and so it is even more difficult to find a parking place.

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