Supported by the Paul Erdõs Summer Research Center of Mathematics

Budapest, July 2--13, 2001


We plan to organize an excursion on July 7 (Saturday) if there are sufficiently many participants who are interested. The place we plan to visit is Visegrád. It is located in the Danube Bend, which is a famous tourist resort approximately 40 kilometers from Budapest. It has an historic, hilltop castle, which can be visited. There are also a lookout tower, restaurants, and other attractions. The main points of interest, though, are fresh air and beautiful scenery.

We plan to go by bus. Each participant who goes to Visegrád is responsible for his/her travel costs. The type of bus used, and hence the cost, depends on the number of interested participants. We will try to arrange an option where the cost of transportation is $10 or less per person.

The more adventurous participants can hike the last 15 kilometers of the trip (about 500-600 meters elevation). The hike ends at the castle. So please bring your hiking boots or athletic shoes if you are interested. (Any footwear is suitable for smaller walks.)

Last modified June 14, 2001