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Colloquium on Semigroups
Szeged, 17-21 July, 2000


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Sunday (16 July)
19.00--22.00 Welcome party and registration in the Central Building of the 
University of Szeged (Dugonics tér 13.)

Monday (17 July)
10.00--10.15 Opening of the Colloquium
10.20--11.10 Donald B. McAlister
Inverse Semigroups with a Compatible Semilattice Ordering
Coffee break
11.40--12.00 Goncalo Pinto
On Ordered Completely Simple Semigroups
12.05--12.25 Martin Kuril
Varieties of Semilattice-Ordered Semigroups
12.30--12.50 Libor Polak
On Pseudovarieties of Semilattice-Ordered Semigroups and Monoids 
Lunch break
15.00--15.50 Benjamin Steinberg
Categories as Algebra II
16.00--16.20 Karl Auinger
A Syntactic Approach to Covers of E-dense Semigroups
Coffee break
16.50--17.10 Janusz Konieczny
The Semigroup Generated by Regular Boolean Matrices
17.15--17.35 Marin Gutan
Groups of Permutation Identities for Some Classes of Semigroups 
17.40--18.00 Attila Nagy
Regular ${\cal RGC}_n$-commutative semigroups

Tuesday (18 July)
9.00--9.20 Zarko Popovic
Regularity and Archimedeaness of Semidirect Products of Semigroups
9.25--9.45 Melanija Mitrovic
On $\pi$-semisimple and Left Quasi-$\pi$-regular Semigroups 
9.50--10.10 Miroslav Ciric
Regularity Equations and Conditions on Semigroups
10.15--10.35 Bernd Billhardt
Embedding Locally Inverse Semigroups into Rees Matrix Semigroups
Coffee break
11.05--11.55 Winfried Bruns
Normality and Covering Properties of Affine Semigroups
12.05--12.25 Ngo Viet Trung
Ring Theoretic Properties of Affine Semigroups
12.30--12.50 Klaus Denecke
All Solid Varieties of Semirings
Lunch break
15.00--15.50 Pierre A. Grillet
Commutative Semigroup Cohomology
16.00--16.20 Boris V. Novikov
On Cohomological Dimension of Ideals of Free Semigroups
Coffee break
16.50--17.10 Vitaly Usenko
The Semigroup Complexes and the Endomorphism Semigroups 
17.15--17.35 Peeter Puusemp
Some Embedding Theorems for Groups

Wednesday (19 July)
9.00--9.20 Wit Forys
Asymptotic Behaviour of Bi-infinite Words
9.25--9.45 Jelena Kovacevic
Semigroup Theoretical Methods in Automata Theory
9.50--10.10 Tatjana Petkovic
Variable Varieties of Semigroups
10.15--10.35 Jorge Almeida
Tameness of the Pseudovariety R
Coffee break
11.05--11.55 Boris M. Schein
A New Construction for Free Inverse Semigroups
12.05--12.25 Igor Dolinka
Some Results on the Lattice of Varieties of Involution Semigroups 
12.30--12.50 Akihiro Yamamura
A Class of Inverse Monoids Acting on Ordered Forests
Lunch break
15.00--18.30 Sightseeing tour

Thursday (20 July)
Predrag V. Krtolica
An Implementation of Unary Pairfunctions Using the Reverse Polish 
9.25--9.45 Aleksandar Stamenkovic
Primitive Idempotents in Semigroups
9.50--10.10 Ondrej Klima
Complexity of Unification and Matching Problems in the Varieties of Bands
10.15--10.35 Michal Kunc
Weak Codings of Trace Monoids
Coffee break
John Rhodes
Techniques in my Proof that Complexity is Decidable Finite Automata 
and Semigroups
12.05--12.25 Chrystopher L. Nehaniv
"Genius Jumps" in the Complexity of Finite Semigroups
12.30--12.50 Arseny M. Shur
Syntactic Semigroups of Languages Closed Under Factors
Lunch break
15.00--17.30 Problem session 

Jorge Almeida: Some Key Problems on Finite Semigroups
Mikhail V. Volkov: Selected Problems in the Theory of Semigroup Varieteies (the finite basis problem for finite semigroups, and the decision problem for some free and pseudofree semigroups) 
Maria B. Szendrei: Some Open Problems in the Structure Theory of Regular Semigroups
Winfried Bruns - Ngo Viet Trung: Some Open Problems on Affine Semigroups
19.00--22.00 Reception
Friday (21 July)
9.30--9.50 Pal Domosi
Irreducibility in Equal Length for Finite Semigroups
9.55--10.15 Sinisa Crvenkovic
Free Spectra and $p_n$-sequences of Semigroups
10.20--10.40 Mikhail V. Volkov
The Finite Basis Problem for Semigroups of Orientation Preserving Transformations
Coffee break
11.10--12.00 Boris M. Vernikov
The Lattice of Nilsemigroup Varieties