The nineteenth algebraic conference in Szeged, Hungary was held under the name

Conference on Lattices and Universal Algebra ,

August 3 (Monday) - August 7 (Friday), 1998.


Contact address:

Local organizers: Gábor Czédli , Eszter K. Horváth, Géza Takách and László Zádori.

First announcement in tex , dvi , postscript format.

Second announcement in tex , dvi , postscript format. Addendum

List of participiants


Timetable Budapest-Szeged

You can find here several useful information on Szeged (city map, timetable, cultural events)

City map with the conference site and hotels

E-mail adresses of algebraists. The list of

  • the organizers of Algebraic Conferences in Szeged
  • E.T. Schmidt
  • K. Kearnes
  • Univ. Potsdam, Inst. of General Algebra and Discrete Math. 

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