Conference on
Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory

Szeged, Hungary, June 21–25, 2012

Getting around in Budapest

Public transportation in Budapest

To travel in Budapest by subway, bus or tram, you will need a pre-purchased ticket, which can be bought in ticket booths near the entrance of each subway station. At the airport and larger subway stations there are ticket machines which display instructions in English (they may require exact change, though). Usually a separate single ticket is required for each leg of the trip, however, if you change lines only once, you can buy a transfer ticket instead of two single tickets. You can find all types of tickets and their prices here. For the bus 200E serving the airport you can buy tickets from the drivers as well as at both terminals.

From the airport to a train station

Trains to Szeged depart from Nyugati station, and you may also board them at Kőbánya-Kispest station and at Ferihegy (close to Terminal 1 of the airport). If you find the above information too confusing, then click here. :-)